For 6 weeks this winter, we will be striving to reset our bodies and increase our fitness.

To keep it simple we will be following…

The Reign Fitness Healthy Prescription: Move More. Recover Better. Eat Real Food but Not Too Much and Mostly Plants.

These 3 points will provide the outline for the next 6 weeks and help guide us in this journey.

The Challenge 2018 Quick Overview

Move More

Good things come to those who move more. More calories burned, more muscles worked, and more results.

Recover Better 

Recovery is simply the process of recharging our bodies daily efforts and in this case we can break it into foam rolling/mobility, sleep, and active recovery. 

As your training volume increases, your time spent foam rolling/mobility should equally increase.

Sleep is more important than working out. No amount of working out can undo the negative effects of sleep deprivation. (anything less than 7 hours) You want to train more, perform better in workouts, recover faster, and see results? Start with improving sleep.

Eat Real Food 

Real food was once alive and doesn’t come from a container or box. If it has a long shelf life then it was a man made food like substance – not real food.

Not Too Much 

This means 3-4 meals a day, no seconds, and no snacking. We will rely on the Reign Nutrition Basics Guide for creating our meals and portions to measure food. As you get better at creating well balanced meals, you’ll be able to eliminate mindless snacking and additional calories.

Mostly Plants

It is what it sounds like. Every meal needs to consist mostly vegetables. You are allowed unlimited vegetables with each meal. Think of starting with your vegetables and then adding starch and protein to it.

Below, you’ll see us take you on a journey into more detail about how this challenge works but these main points are it. We know that if you move more, recover better, sleep, and eat right – you’re going to be crushing it.

Now the rest comes down to strategies, skills, and accountability to help you accomplish these things.


Goals of the Reign Challenge 2018 | Teams Edition 2.0

✅ Help you develop healthy lifestyle habits that will stick long term.

✅ Make your training, working out, and fitness FUN!

✅ Strengthen our community by building more relationships with like minded individuals.

✅ Push you outside of your comfort zones and challenge growth.

✅ Give you a boost of motivation and energy as we start the New Year.

✅ Help you breakthrough plateaus.

✅ Teach and educate you.

✅ Reveal what you’re capable of when you Decide, Commit, and Succeed.


How Will This Challenge Work?


Step 1: Get all the Pre-Challenge items done.

  • Collect Challenge starting data (bodyweight, measurements, before pictures if you want)
  • Join the Private Facebook Group For The Challenge 2018.  (You should be added automatically if you’ve completed registration once we select teams.)
  • Read through and review all the Challenge information on this Launch Page.
  • Invest time to making a game plan for the Nutrition and Training Protocols for yourself in this challenge.

Team Selection and Access to Team Pages. 

Friday January 5th, 2018 – we will hold a live draft with all the coaches in which teams will be selected.

They will be allowed one trade option in which they can strategically move members around, this allows coaches to get challengers who are in their classes onto their teams if available.

Once teams are selected, we will post a finalized team roster along with coaches adding you to their team pages on Facebook.

Please follow up on your individual team pages as your coaches may want to get to know everyone better, ask questions, or find the best way to communicate with you.

Step 2: Get Ready!

This is not required but Challengers like to make sure that they’re ready by Day 1 meaning they’ve…

  • Gone grocery shopping
  • Meal Prepped
  • Removed non-compliant trigger/temptation foods from the house
  • Have let people in their lives (co-workers, friends, family) know that they’re starting a challenge and that they need encouragement and support.

Step 3: Mondays Are For The Challengers!

  • Check the Private Facebook Group Page For the Challenge on Mondays starting January 8th, 2018.
  • All Challenges (Physical & Nutrition) will be posted there, Monday Mornings, with directions.
  • Continue to check back on the Private Main Challenge Facebook Page, as there will be posts that motivate, challenge, and provide helpful tips/insight into your fitness challenge journey.
  • Check in on your “Team Page” as your coach may have more tips, strategies, and coaching points they may want to share with you before you start the challenge.
  • Your coach will be running the Team Page so be sure to connect with them and continue to consistently check that page on a daily basis.
  • Team Challenges and Bonus Challenges can and will be posted at any time throughout the week and may have different deadlines so keep your eyes peeled.

Step 4: Work hard, Have Fun, Commit For The Full 40 Days

  • Do your best to eat compliant and by the nutritional guidelines that we’ve given you.
  • Be committed to your training and try your best to get to the gym at least 2-5 times a week.
  • Work hard to finish all your challenges and submit proofs by deadlines.
  • Be involved in both the Online & Gym Reign Communities.
  • Know what’s motivating, inspiring, and driving you!
  • Be coachable and open minded.
  • Work hard individually and for your team.
  • Have Fun!


“The rest of the 40 days is a combination of going to classes, sweating, working hard, meal prepping, grocery shopping, pushing outside your comfort zone, and having fun!”


The Challenges


At the beginning of each week (Monday), we will post a Physical & Nutrition Challenge.

Each team will receive 1 point for every member who completes a physical challenge and 1 point for every member who completes the nutrition challenge. 

It is important that you read the posts thoroughly for all the directions, instructions on how to submit proof, and deadlines.

Do your best to complete all the challenges for the next 40 days.


The Nutrition

If you’re currently in Reign Nutrition Coaching or following a different protocol (Paleo/Vegan/Macro Nutrient Counting) keep doing it throughout this challenge.

Otherwise we recommend Reign Nutrition Basics to help you figure our how many meals you should be eating and what your meals should look like. (below)


In this challenge we are asking all of you to follow Paleo throughout this challenge.

Why Paleo?

Because of the fact that it does promote eating real nutrient dense foods and has big emphasis on eliminating the crap (processed foods) that your body may have a negative response to.


You know…

Things like sugar, processed foods, certain grains, and dairy.

Why Eliminate? 

The 2 main factors why we like the eliminating aspect in the Paleo Protocol…

  • Removing things like sugar and processed foods in your diet can quickly help eliminate a lot of excess calories. Getting rid of unnecessary calories in your diet can help you lose weight quickly and get back on track with paying attention to what goes in your body.
  • Removing certain types of foods like grains and dairy can be a little controversial as they should not be perceived as “bad food” however, many of us (myself included) can have a negative response to these types of food such as inflammation, bloating, and digestive issues. By eliminating them for a set period of time, it can help bring these negative responses to light and can also help reset your body.

Remember, choosing to do Paleo will help with figuring out what foods to eat. You will still follow meal frequency and portions based on the recommendations above.

Familiarize yourself with the Paleo Nutrition here. 

You can also check out these Reign Nutrition Paleo Resources that will provide more insight into what to eat.




Simple Paleo Breakdown

Protein: The leaner the better. Grass-fed and organic are ideal. Wild-caught cold water fish are the best.

Examples: Fish, Meat, Eggs

Carbs: Goal is to have nutrient dense carbs. Fruit and these starchy carbs will do it for us.

Examples: Sweet Potato, Squash, Fruit

Vegetables: Yes and yes. To keep it simple if it’s a vegetable eat it and most of your meal should be vegetables. Diversify what you eat from meal to meal if possible and you’ll be set.

(check out the superfood list for more ideas)

Fat: Yes, but conservatively because it’s the most calorically dense macronutrient. Serving size per meal is your thumb and healthy fats include things like avocados, olive and avocado oil, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, fish oil.

Avoid processed foods, dairy, sugars, and things that don’t spoil. 


Okay now it’s time to learn how to design meals…


Reign Nutrition Basics


Reign Nutrition Basics was designed to help you not only eat real nutrient dense foods for sustained health and longevity but also coach you on foundational Nutrition skills to help you eat for your specific goals/body.

So How Does it Work? 

It’s simple…

Step 1: Select your Body type based on the charts and information included in this Launch Page.

Step 2: Identify the number of meals to eat each day using our simple “T Shirt Size” guide to meal frequency.

Step 3: Learn how to create meals for your specific body type and goals.

Step 4: Learn about High Quality Nutrient Dense Foods and do your best to utilize them in your meals. Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods. 

Step 5: Take on the Weekly Nutrition Challenges to learn and reinforce foundational Reign Nutrition Skills.

Step 1| Selecting Your Body Type


Please review the information below on Body Types along with the Body Type Charts to help you select one.

Please remember that this process is in no way meant to discourage you but rather help you find a more specific plan that is individualized and not a “cookie cutter” program.

“Too often, we see generalized (One size fits all) diets, programs, and meal plans that just don’t make any sense. Diets need to be catered for the individual. Just take a look around the gym the next time you’re in class and you’ll see a ton of different body types.”

Although some elimination diet programs can be effective in reducing excess calories, what they fail to do is coach you on how to eat for “YOU” and everything that’s individualized including your body type, level of activity, and experience.

Please read through the following information and select the body type that best represents you…

Ectomorph (I type)

Generally leaner, with a smaller frame and limbs. Fast metabolism and tolerate carbs well. “I’m usually trying gain muscle (healthy weight) or support my endurance exercise.”

Mesomorph (V type)

I’m generally athletic looking with a medium sized frame. I seem to gain muscle and stay lean fairly easily. “I’m usually trying to optimize my physique or boost my sports performance.”

Endomorph (O type)

Usually have a larger frame and heavier than most. Slower metabolism and don’t tolerate carbs very well. “I’m usually trying lose fat or support my strength.”



What if I’m having a tough time selecting which body type I am?

My suggestion is to find the body type that is closest to you and then if you’re trying to decide between two, select the one that best matches the goals you’ve been striving for.

Goal & Body Type

Gain Lean Muscle (Weight) and Support Training = Ectomorph

Fine tune Physique Goals and/or Optimize Performance = Mesomorph

Lose Weight/Fat and Support Strength = Endomorph

If you’re still having a tough time, please reach out to a Reign Fitness Coach and we will do our best to help you.


Step 2| How Often Do You Eat?


A common question we get asked is…

“How many meals a day should I eat?” and to keep it really simple, we’ve found that this quick t-shirt size guide has been extremely effective in determining quantity of meals.

Find your t shirt size and the corresponding number of meals below.

Note: If you’re extremely active, you will be eating 5 meals as a Male and 4 Meals as a Female.

Male # of Meals Female # of Meals
Small 3 Small 3
Medium 4 Medium 3
Large 5 Large 4
X-Large/Extremely Active 5 XL/Extremely Active 4

Yes, there are a ton of different factors that come into play when it comes to quantity of meals, which can complicate things and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid.

Keep it simple so that you learn the skills of eating meals, creating meals, and making sure these habits stick long term.

“That’s a lot or not enough meals… “

Remember, we’re not asking you to be perfect. We want you to try your best because this entire process will take time. Things that last require hard work, consistency, and most importantly time.

Time to practice, refine, and personalize.


Step 3 | What Should Meals Look Like?

step 3

Learning how to design meals is an important skill to learn and it’s often over complicated.

Throughout this challenge we will be using your body type and your hand, yes your hand, as a measuring tool to quantify your food intake.

Why the hand?

Not only is it individualized and unique to “YOU” but it’s also with you all the time and an easy tool to help you with portion control. Keep in mind that this is a general prescription, a starting point if you will, for you to build the skills and develop a strong foundation with your nutrition.


  • Take a look below at the charts and find your body type.
  • Once you find your chart, take a look at the portions it has broken down for you and the meals that you should be creating. (Note the different quantity recommendations based on gender noted under the hands.)





Palm Sized Protein (2 Palms Steak Displayed)



Fist Sized Vegetables (Cauliflower)



Palm Sized Dense Carbs (Mixed Berries)



Thumb Sized Fats (Almonds)



Step 4 | What Kind Of Foods Can We Eat?

step 4

The goal for this challenge is to eat high quality and nutrient dense foods to support health, longevity, and your personal goals.


Throughout this challenge we are asking that you “avoid two main things” as much as possible which are sugar and processed foods. 

Not only can sugar and processed foods be a source of excess calories, they usually lack any nutritional value and can be trigger foods that can lead you to binge eating.

What are High Quality Nutrient Dense Foods? 

“We’ve defined high quality and nutrient dense foods as foods that spoil within two weeks, and are high in vitamins and minerals.”

And as you work to build and design your meals, we wanted to give you our SUPERFOODS LIST to help you identify what Proteins, Vegetables, Dense Carbs, and Fats are high quality!

You can also download The Reign Nutrition Manual that includes some great resources even though it’s designed for a Paleo Diet. You can find some very helpful information in their that will help with incorporating high quality foods into your diet.

Check out (or download) here ==>  the-nutrition-manual





Food Type:

Macro / Category

Lean red meat (grass-fed preferred)

Protein – Lean meat

Salmon (wild caught preferred)

Protein – Fish

Eggs (omega-3 and cage free preferred)

Protein – Egg

Protein supplements (whey, milk or plant protein sources)

Protein – Powder


Carb – Vegetable


Carb – Vegetable

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower)

Carb – Vegetable

Mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.)

Dense Carb – Fruit


Dense Carb – Fruit


Dense Carb – Fruit

Sweet potatoes

Dense Carb – Starch

Raw, unsalted mixed nuts (a variety including pecans, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, etc.)

Fat – Seeds and nuts


Fat – Fruit

Olive oil (extra virgin)

Fat – Oils

Fish oil (salmon, anchovy, menhaden, krill) or algae oil

Fat – Oils

Flax seeds (ground)

Fat – Seeds and nuts

Green tea


Greens + or comparable blend

Vegetable concentrate

Liquid exercise drinks (branch chain amino acids)

Recovery drink



The Training


The training protocol for this challenge is pretty simple and really breaks down into these 3 steps.

✅ Step 1| Train 2-5 times a week (Reign Fitness)

✅ Step 2 | Incorporate 1 active recovery day

✅ Step 3 |Complete your physical challenges each week.

The Physical Challenges

For this Challenge, we will have 2 Fitness levels for each challenge and it will be up to you to decide which one is right for you.

✅ Level 1 will be designed for general fitness goals

✅ Level 2 will be designed for individuals who are seeking to increase performance and already have a consistent training foundation.

Note: Both will be challenging and if you have any questions once the challenges are released, please talk with a Reign Coach as we are all here to help you.

Physical Challenges will post Monday morning and you’ll have until the end of the week (deadline will be specified in the Challenge post) to submit your proof of completion. You will find all directions for the physical challenges including proof needed, in the challenge posts.

You will receive 1 point for each member who completes their physical challenge.

Team Challenges will be announced week by week with all directions and points listed in the description.

Friday Night Lights will be announced as we get closer to the events and you will only be allowed to participate once. NOT EVERYONE HAS TO PARTICIPATE. 

What is an Active Recovery Day?

An active recovery day is a low intensity physically active day that doesn’t have the intention of burning calories or working out.

Remember that active recovery days are going to be different for every individual so please use your best judgement as to what doing “Too Much” is for you. (A 10 mile hike for me is not an active recovery day, that is what I would call a really tough “never ending” workout”)


Active Recovery Ideas:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates (if you’ve done it before, if not – it can be a pretty intense workout)
  • Run/Jog
  • Hiking
  • Bike Ride

Important Note: 


If you’re increasing your level of activity with this challenge, you need to be equally increasing your mobility and recovery.


Essential Strategies To Incorporate During This Challenge

Meal Prep


Meal Prep is simply cooking and creating meals in bulk to ensure that you have high quality food/meals easily accessible when you need them.

“1-2 hours spent in the kitchen meal prepping can set you up for nutrition success for days!”

The process is also pretty easy.

  • Cook proteins, vegetables, dense carbs, and everything else you need to create your meals in bulk.
  • You can pre-make meals containers (referencing your body type recommendations) or you can leave the bulk cooked foods in your fridge and create your meals as you eat. This part is completely up to you and remember that the most important thing is that you find a system that works for you.

The goal is to provide compliant meals for your body type with high quality nutrient dense foods that you know will support health and your goals.



One very important strategy that we preach not just to all of our Reign Nutrition Coaching Clients but to all Reign members is Scheduling!

Taking 10-15 minutes to sit-down and schedule your challenge priorities into your weekly calendar can pay huge dividends throughout the week.

What can you schedule…

✅ ReignFIT, Barbell Classes, Personal Training, Small Group Training Sessions.

✅ What day or days you will complete challenges.

✅ Grocery Shopping Days.

✅ Meal Prep Days.

✅ Active Recovery Days.




The one thing this challenge is sure to offer is accountability!

Reach out to members, get involved, and build accountability with everyone in our community.

Not only will you have members and coaches supporting you in the gym but you’ll have a large online community of members/challengers in the Private Facebook Page, that will also be there for you.

Lead when you see an opportunity and Lean on the Reign Fam when you need help.


The Number 1 Thing That All Successful Challengers Do…


“All successful challengers “BUY-IN” to the Challenge all the way, meaning – they do all the challenges, work hard to trust the process, and always give it their best effort. There’s no second guessing, complaining, or negative self-talk.

They go “All in” with a positive attitude, stay coachable, and the X-Factor… They start to encourage others along the way!”



Q & A

What about Snacks? 

One of the goals for this challenge is to be really attentive to the skill of creating meals which is why we don’t want you to snack. Snacking often times is a result of poorly designed meals and can lead to excess calories, mindless eating (boredom), and be triggers for binge eating.

I know this is going to be challenging for a lot of you but remember…

This is a challenge and we want to push you outside of your comfort zone.

No snacking.

More high quality foods and well thought out meals.

I’m eating the recommended amount of meals but I’m still hungry?

Take a closer look at how you’re creating your meals. Are you eating foods that help you feel full? Are you incorporating all the different types of foods into your meal?

What about eating out?

We understand that this situation can come up. For 40 days, we are asking you to prepare to the best of your ability, all your meals at home. If you eat out, do your best to portion the meal and within our challenge nutrition guidelines.

It’s not short term rules we are trying to force you to abide by, it’s long term skills that we want to share with you.

(My suggestion: Don’t eat out)

Do Physical Challenges count as Training Days? 

The simple answer is No.

The physical challenges are designed to be additional work to your training days so that you get 1 additional day of activity but again…

It will depend on the individual.

How will the winners be judged? 

Winners will be judged on challenge/community involvement, challenge completions, attitude, and transformation.

Can I drink Alcohol? No.

Protein Shakes? Post workout (within 45 min)

What about Fitaid? Post workout only

Coffee/Tea? These are okay, but no artificial sweeteners or dairy.


“What About” Foods 

For individuals who commonly ask “what bout these foods”…

  • No almond flour or coconut flour
  • Do not recreate compliant versions of non-compliant foods like baked goods and treats.
  • No canola or vegetable oil
  • No oatmeal
  • No honey, agave, maple syrup or sweetners
  • Nut butters hold have no additional additives besides salt
  • No cold cuts or processed meats
  • No Bars
  • No more than 2 pieces of gum a day

If it’s a vegetable eat it. If it’s meat, eat it.