Welcome to The 40 Day Reign Fitness Anniversary Challenge Starter Page! 



Before you jump ahead and download the manuals and additional resources, I want to take a quick second to touch base with you on everything.

If you participated in our last 30 day pre summer Challenge…

You will notice some similarities in this challenge’s Training & Nutrition Protocols and I wanted to take a second to clear up Why?

It’s really because we feel as if we have found the perfect recipe in how to help members kickstart their fitness.

After 4 challenges, we’ve finally got it almost just right!

  • We felt as if the Paleo Nutrition Protocol was adapted and applied effectively. In fact, it was the most successful Nutrition Protocol we have followed when looking at the results and analyzing how easily it was incorporated.
  • We thought the recommended Training volume along with the Physical Challenges proved to be a great combination in helping people lose weight and build muscle.
  • The level of required participation was spot on and provided a healthy atmosphere for members to thrive.

This is why you may find some of the resource materials in the manuals resurfacing because we don’t want to change what we know works. This is also why you may see the same challenge structure in certain areas because we didn’t want to change something that produced a ton of results!

But whether this information is brand new to you or your familiar with it…

What we urge all of you to do is not only read the material but apply it. 

But don’t worry…

Although you may see some of the same resources, we have added the different Nutritional Protocols and have tweaked the Physical Challenges with the goals to provide even more results!

Transformation Challenge2

We are always striving to evolve and make not only our challenges better but our coaching as well!

The Challenge Manual

With this challenge there will be 3 Manuals that you need to download.

  • The 40 day challenge manual
  • The Training Manual
  • 40 Day Nutrition Manual

There will also be some resources available for you to download and keep in mind there are some resources in the manuals themselves.

Please remember that these manuals are useless if the information in them are not applied or combined with hard work.

40 Day Anniversary Challenge Manual

The Training Manual 

The Training Protocol for this challenge follows the same highly effective recommended volume of 2-3 high intensity workouts each week supplemented with physical challenges.


After witnessing so many participants in the last challenge trade regular training (ReignFIT classes, Small Group, Personal Training) for physical challenges, I realized how many of them were missing the necessary training volume to see visible results.

Be cautious of this throughout this challenge.

***Please remember that all Physical Challenges are unknown and will be announced at the beginning of each week on the Challenger Facebook Group Page.

The Training


The Nutrition Manual

The Nutrition Protocol for this challenge is pretty unique as it follows Paleo principles but yet doesn’t require you to eliminate all of them at once.

With such a drastic change in the last challenge, I noticed that it drove people to re-create their unhealthy foods with compliant Paleo ingredients. Although this may technically keep you within the rules what it fails to do is help you eliminate excess calories.

As you read through the Nutrition Manual, make it a priority to keep your end goal in mind.

40 Day Challenge Nutrition


Additional Resources


Additional Workouts

Exercise Video Demo Resource List

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