Welcome to the Reign Summer ’17 Fitness Challenge Launch Page.

On this page you will find all of the Manuals and resources that can help you get the most out of the next 6 weeks.

We can’t stress enough that reading these manuals, especially the Nutrition Manual can play an important role on your fit challenge journey.

If you have any troubles downloading these manuals, please reach out to your coach for help.

The Summer ’17 Fitness Challenge Manual

Download The Manual Here ====== > Summer 17 Challenge Manual

The Nutrition Manual

The Nutrition Manual that you will be able to download was designed to help you get started with a Paleo diet.

In the Manual you will also find…

  • Quick Start For Putting Together Meals
  • Sample Meal Plan

Download The Nutrition Manual ===> the-nutrition-manual <===


Additional Resources

Paleo Do Not Eat List: A list of foods that you can not eat.

Download the Paleo Do Not Eat List Here ==> paleo-do-not-eat-list

Paleo Food List: A list of foods that you can eat. (Remember that our current challenge may prevent you from eating some of the foods on this list such as certain legumes. However, almost all the other foods will be compliant for this challenge!)

Download the Paleo Food List Here ==> paleo-food-list-pg1


The Training Manual

We want you to stay active throughout this challenge which means making a commitment to prioritizing workouts and staying active.

But it’s more than just training.

We also want you to focus on mobilizing, stretching, and having fun!

In this manual you will find:

  • Sample Training Schedule
  • Rest and Recovery Information
  • Outline of the Training Protocol

Download The Training Manual Here ==> thetrainingmanual