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On this page, we want to provide you with The 2016 Summer Challenge Manual along with other resources that can help you be successful through the next 30 days.

There are lots of resources here but remember, resources or only good if the information is applied.

Please email info@bereignfit.com if you’re having trouble downloading or seeing any of these manuals. re

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Summer ReignFIT Challenge Manual

Training Resources 

Link To Additional Workout Blog Posts Page

Link To Exercise Demo Videos Page

cardio intervals additional workouts

  • Great workouts in Additional Workouts section in the above Manual.
  • Cardio Intervals are one of the most effective training methods to increase fat loss and build lean muscle, check out a 4 week protocol in the manual.

Nutrition Resources

Remember, there is no set nutrition protocol for this challenge because the focus is on training and being active. However, in the manual we advised you to…

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” – Coach Glassman

And if you’re currently in the Reign Nutrition Coaching Program please continue to follow your specific protocol.

If you’re still looking for more direction and want to just explore more nutrition, we wanted to really over-deliver and provide you with some of our most effective and popular Nutrition training protocols.

The Macronutrient Protocol is focusing on regulating quantity under the assumption that you are already consuming high quality food.

The Paleo Nutrition Protocol is more focused on eliminating processed foods and helping you eat higher quality food. Both manuals contain some good information and I advise you to check them out.

Nutrition Manual (Macronutrient Protocol)

40 Day Challenge Nutrition (Paleo Nutrition Protocol)