This workout is for you. 

Whoever you are.

Reign Fitness Boot Camps are high energy, circuit style training that incorporates a full body and high intensity training format. Each workout combines the muscle building benefits of resistance training with the fat burning advantages of interval training to create an awesome workout.

Each session lasts 45-60 minutes and includes a dynamic warmup that prepares you for the exercise movements in the workout, while improving mobility in general problem areas. Our sessions offer a high charged group training environment under the watchful eye of a skilled trainer.

In a Reign Fitness Boot Camp class, your Trainer will lead the way, demonstrating exercises and thoroughly explaining the workout. But YOU decide the pace that fits you. As our trainers get to know you better, they will also know how to motivate and challenge you.

But don’t be afraid of not being able to perform an exercise. We have regressions and progressions for all of the exercises so that no matter what level you are at, you will be able to work hard through our sessions. There will be a Trainer coaching you through until the end.

If you’re the type who likes to be challenged. Fear not. Our endless list of progressions and intensity levels will keep you busy. Still looking for more. Try out one of our challenges or ask one of our Trainers about some of the Reign Fitness programs that may be a better fit for you!

And of course, you should expect all the extras we really don’t consider to be “extra” – like Nutrition coaching, email & phone support, access to Facebook member only pages, done for you at home workouts, and don’t forget about The Reign Strong Community, made up of all our members and The Reign Fitness online community. A community that supports each other 24/7.

After one time you’ll understand why Reign Fitness Boot Camps is for you.

Reign Fitness Boot Camps are Geared to…

  • Rev up the metabolism for up to 48 hours

  • Burn fat in all the trouble areas

  • Build your strength, power, and endurance

  • Help boost your confidence

  • Surround you with a tight community that will motivate and keep you accountable

  • Get you into amazing shape

  • Tone and tighten your entire body.








    1. Hey T,

      Thanks for the interest. We are revamping the program right now and temporarily paused boot camp which will have a new name (Reign Fit) classes. Prices have also not been set quite yet… but for being interested we will contact you directly prior to it’s launch and we will give you a special offer for commenting on the site. Thanks again.

  1. Meesh,

    I am looking to do boot camp three times a week to supplement the lifting I am doing and have fun with fitness friends.
    Do you have a boot camp membership and if so, how much is it?

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