It all started with a simple idea. Make fitness a lifestyle.

It quickly became an experience that really allowed individuals to achieve fitness success.

Reign Fitness & Performance was founded by a passionate team of fitness trainers, dedicated to helping people obtain real results through high quality training, nutrition coaching and most importantly community building.

1. Our Personal Training Programs are tailored and specified to help each individual reach their own fitness goals.

2. Our Nutrition Coaching offers strategies and guidelines that help clients integrate it easier and with more success, into everyday life.

3. Our community extends beyond training members and reaches out to the Reign Fitness Online Community, so you never have to feel like it’s just you.

4. Our approach to client/customer services is truly personal and remains the highest priority in our company.

5. It’s not just physical. It’s emotional, personal, mental and spiritual. And we get it. Which is why we have an open door policy 24/7. If you need to talk to a trainer, vent a little bit, or even just need someone to listen we are here.
In 2012, after almost a combined 8 years in the fitness industry, we left our positions to try and come up with a fresh, more effective approach to the traditional gym. We soon began working with clients on our own and slowly started creating a community in a very organic and personal level. What happened next was amazing!

Clients started to develop friendships with each other, help keep each other accountable and everyone was getting into the best shape of their lives.

In September 2013, we decided to launch Reign Fitness & Performance LLC and grow this thriving community in order to help even more people. Reign Fitness & Performance has just recently opened it’s flagship training facility September 15, 2014 in the Renton Highlands Area.

Reign Fitness & Performance has literally started a fit community. Join the community by working with one of our Trainers if you are from the area, subscribing to our FREE newsletter, following our blog and by sharing in our philosophy to Reign Strong.


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