Ready to make a mental and physical change? You belong with The Reign Fam.

And to prove it to you…

We created a low commitment opportunity for you to experience Reign Fitness but change starts with a choice.

 $99 Unlimited ReignFIT Trial Month Membership.  



This Unlimited Trial Month Membership not only gives you UNLIMITED access to all of our ReignFIT classes it only has a commitment for 30 days. (Learn more about ReignFIT classes here)

Why only a 30 day commitment? What’s the catch?

No catch.

We’re not in this business to force people under contract to keep working out.


“We’re in this business to help you the best we can to improve the quality of your life through fitness, nutrition, and community.  Plus, we are 100% confident in our coaches and team to show you, not just tell you, why we can be the right gym to help you reach your fitness goals.”

What do you experience in the 30 days…


✅ Fully experience the Reign Fitness Family and Community.

✅ Get Unlimited Access to all of our ReignFIT Classes (you can check out the schedule here)

ReignFIT Classes are High Intensity Bootcamp style workouts that are challenging, high energy, and fun – programmed for all skill levels!


✅ Get the opportunity to build relationships with Reign Fitness Coaches

✅ Build relationships with other members and Reign Fam in our community!


✅ Meet with a Coach 1-on-1 to talk about goals, challenges, and start formulating a game plan to help you be successful with improving health/fitness.

✅ Build foundational nutrition principles with Reign Nutrition Basics and even learn more about The Reign Nutrition Coaching Program that has helped hundreds of members reach their fitness goals.


✅ Get Access to our Private Members ONLY Facebook groups that offer accountability, coaching, and more.

✅ Learn about all the other workshops, programs, and continuing education opportunities that we provide for our members. Fitness isn’t just about going to classes, it’s about learning more, investing in yourself, and constantly growing as your goals change.


✅ Take classes from different coaches and meet more people!

✅ Get the chance to really kickstart your fitness and commit to 30 days. (ask about one of our 30 Day Challenges and we’ll provide all the resources and steps to start and get the most out of your time)

✅ Learn the movements, exercises, and add more to your training knowledge.


Who is this Trial Month and Reign For…

“Reign is for you if you’re looking for change!”

Pease take some time to read through our site and check us out. If you have any questions, feel free to message or email us ( and we’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.


✅ We want like minded individuals who are excited and motivated to make health & fitness a priority in their lives.

✅ We want members who are coachable and understand that our team only wants the best for each and every single member.

✅ We are looking for great people to join our community and belong to something bigger than just dumbbells and weights.

✅ We want individuals who are seeking results (weight loss, lean muscle, performance gains) but aren’t afraid to put in the hard work.






What if I’m Still Unsure?

If you’re still unsure then I encourage you take advantage of the 1 FREE Class. You can find out how to redeem that here.

You can also check out the Reign Fitness Facebook Page here and see everything from workout photos, instructional videos, and get familiar with the Reign Fitness Culture.

Don’t forget to connect with us Instagram here.



We hope to connect with you soon!

Reign Strong.

Albert Park

Owner | Reign Fitness & Performance