Week 1 Physical Challenge #1

Directions: For time, Perform 10 reps for each exercise for a total of 10 rounds. Do not do more than 10 reps of each exercise and shorten rounds. This workout is designed to provide difficulty through the constantly changing exercises.

***Proof: Submit picture of your time and of your sweaty faces by Sunday 9pm.

For time…

1. Squats
2. Pushups
3. V Sits
4. Walkouts
5. Lunges Left Leg
6. Plank To Push
7. Lunges Right Leg
8. Mountain Climbers (Left Leg/Right Leg = 1 rep)
9. Squat Jumps
10. Burpees

*If you need any direction with exercises, please refer to the video exercise directory on our website or click this link https://bereignfit.com/exercise-demo-directory/

**All Challenges will be also compiled on a separate page that we will provide a link to once week 2 is up. This way you won’t have to scroll through the group feed to find the physical challenges.

***Remember that this is Week 1 workout and will need to be repeated 1x every week for the remainder of the 40 Day Challenge. I recommend that you write it down somewhere and keep it saved to re-use again.

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