At an alarming rate, more and more youth are becoming less active. Some would blame it on too much screen time (tv, iPads, tablets, laptops) and not enough play time.

Which might be true, but it is tough to fight the elements living in the Pacific Northwest where temperatures could drop below 30 degrees during the fall, winter, and spring months, not including a mix of rain, and heavy winds.

Along with having too much screen time, play time at schools are being stripped away, and youth are sitting at their desks for at least 5 hours a day.

Recess has been condensed down to at least 2-20 minute time slots and that is including lunchtime. Along with Physical Education (P.E.) not being an option for some schools.

For example: 

At my son’s school there is one 30 minute morning recess lunch included, and P.E. twice a week each being for 35 minutes.

“If you total the amount of physical activity in the week for the course of 5 days of lunch recess, and P.E. it would only equal 3 and 1/2 hours of physical activity.”

The suggested amount of physical activity for people of any age demographic is at least 60 minutes.


I personally work with youth on a daily basis whether it is coaching for a specific sport or they’re a part of my leadership development program, Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE), where we incorporate health and wellness in our programs.

The commonalities I often see is youth are not active enough.

Simple movements like running, jumping, skipping, and jogging are difficult to do. Some move very gingerly, others are out of breath and obese at very young ages.

At Reign, we are offering an opportunity to get young people moving again.

Benefits of Reign Youth & Teen Classes 

  • Burns calories
  • Strength training can help strengthen bones and build muscle
  • Build endurance
  • Relieve stress and help with mental focus
  • Improve sleep and mental health
  • Help them build a solid platform to grow up and live a healthy & fit lifestyle.
  • Build teamwork and leadership skills
  • Boost self-esteem by helping them feel confident about their bodies and appearance.
  • Consistently motivate, encourage, and challenge your child in a supportive environment.


Learn more about our Youth & Teen Programs here including info on pricing, schedule, and start date:



Or if you’re interested in the Youth & Teen Program’s March Launch Date, please contact us below:


“I cannot say enough of the youth program at Reign Fitness. It has improved my son’s agility, power, explosiveness, and speed. All of this could have not been done without Coach Willie. He is a great teacher, mentor, and motivator.

I highly recommend the Reign Youth Program for any young athlete. It would benefit in their sports and physical development.” – Charlton and son Isaac (age 12)

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