With the success of our Youth Fitness Camps, collaboration with local Youth Programs, and of course the development of our own Young Reign Athletes in personal training programs…

We are excited to announce the launch of Reign Youth & Teen Classes!

These classes will be designated into two separate groups:

The Reign Youth Program: will be a co-ed group of kids between ages 9-12 years old.

The Reign Teen Program: will be a co-ed group of young adults between ages 13-17 years old.

Why a Youth & Teen Program?

Rick and Sharmy’s Daughter watching mom crush it in a comp!

Why a Youth and Teen Program?

Well, first off because they see everything that you, the parents, do and want to do it too. It’s the same reason why a 2 year old will get down on the ground with a foam roller just because they’ve seen their mom or dad doing it.

Megan Morrison’s little one! (So Cute)


After working with young athletes over the past 5+ years and of course listening to all the parents in our Reign Community…

We’ve realized that the options for physical activity and the opportunities to learn about a healthy lifestyle have slowly decreased over time.


Unless your child or young adult is in select sports (Which can be very expensive and time consuming for an entire family) chances are they’re not as active as they used to be or as we’d like them to be.

According to Trust for America’s Health and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation “The State of Obesity” 26% of 10-17 year old in Washington State are overweight and obese which ranks 44 out of 51 in the nation.

Nationally, 31.2 percent of youth in this age range are overweight or obese.


We decided to do something about it and create a program that would not only get kids and young adults active but also give them the opportunity to learn first hand what it means to live a full active lifestyle.

It’s more than just fitness, we want them to grow as individuals and give them tools that will help them as they grow up both in sports and life.



What Will Classes Be Like?


Both youth and teen participants will start with foundational movements based on their specific fitness levels.

And just like in our Adult classes…

Every movement will be coached with different variations that offer each kid/young adult the opportunity to scale or progress.

Talbot Hill Elementary’s visit to Reign!

A large part of both these programs will be dedicated to coaching foundational movement techniques so that each kid/young adult can develop a strong platform to build upon as they get older.

They will cover all foundational movements including:

  • Bodyweight Movements (Squats, Situps, Pushups, Burpees, Lunges, etc.)
  • Running (Basic running form and technique)
  • KB Basics (Deadlift, Squat, Farmers Walk)
  • What you may not see very much in adult programs is the introduction of FUN GAMES that get kids active, build team work, develop problem solving skills, and encourage effort!

And the one thing all these movements have in common is it’s functionality in everyday life.

These are all movements that your child/young adult are doing everyday whether it’s on the playground, on the field/court, or just in everyday life.


The program for Teens will have the same focus on a well rounded fitness program but they will be introduced to more complex movements and training methods including:

  • Higher Intensity
  • Barbell Movements
  • Olympic Lifting Movements
  • Nutrition Principles
  • Speed & Agility Programming

As your young adult builds more experience and an interest for fitness, we will also help guide them in their development whether it be in weightlifting, strength & conditioning for sport, general fitness, or even competition!

Teens will go through a testing phase upon their start to assess fitness level, experience, and understanding of foundational movements. Once testing is done, our coaches will be better equipped to help them progress through movements, intensity levels, and adjust based on goals.

If you’re looking for a more intensive program, we offer Semi-Private Personal Training for Youth to Teen Athletes that is more customized per individual. Please contact for more information.


Class Structure/Schedule: 

✅ Each class will run 40-50 minutes and include a warm-up, technique coaching, workout, and finisher/cool down.

✅ Classes will be capped at 12 kids/teens. (Secure your spot with the form at the bottom of this page below)

✅ Please arrive 10 minutes before class so that your child/young can decompress and switch gears to be in an active learning environment.

✅ If you’re child/young adult is on a tight schedule, please connect with the coach so that he or she can accommodate as best as they can.


We are looking to launch this program Monday March 5th, 2018!

Youth Class Schedule: Mondays & Wednesday 4:15pm – 5pm

Teen Class Schedule: Tuesdays & Thursday 4pm – 5pm


Goals of Program: 


  • Improve motor skills.
  • Improve overall fitness and quality of life through physical activity and education.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve social awareness through teamwork and community


Member Pricing:

$119/ month (+tax)  x 2 session per week

✅ You will receive 50% OFF the monthly rate for your next child.


Non-Member Pricing:

$153/month (+tax)  x 2 session per week

✅ You will receive 50% OFF the monthly rate for your next child.


Register Your Child or Teen Today To Secure Their Spot.  (Class limit 12)


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