With a week already down in the 2018 New Year, fitness is hot right now!

The gyms are packed, instagram feeds are littered with workout selfies, and motivation is at an all time high…

But how do you become one of the few who stick with it and make goals last?

“A research done by the University Scranton reported that as little as 8% of people successfully reach their New Years Resolution Goals.”

In this post, I want to give you few Coach’s Tips to help you be successful in 2018.


Make Resolutions Tangible, Specific, and Measurable

I’ll be sharing some of the most popular New Years Resolutions and breaking them down to be Tangible, Specific, and Measurable. 

This is a great starting point for you when it comes to game planning for long term and lasting results. 

“I need to workout more.”


Not only is this one of the most common resolutions that we see every New Year, it’s also one of the easiest to fall behind on.


It’s not specific enough and it’s vagueness allows for too much flexibility. (Which doesn’t always end up very successfully)

Instead: Try giving yourself a reasonable and specific goal like…

 “I’ll train 2x a week, Mondays and Wednesdays for 4 weeks. If I can do that successfully, I will add one additional day, Friday for another 4 weeks.”

Not only does this give you a great start to build momentum, it also gives you an opportunity to progress from your first goal after the first 4 weeks. Progression = Momentum.

What we also did was make your New Years Resolution/Goal Measurable. 

Now we know that you’ll be going to the gym 2x a Week (8x a month). If you happen to miss a day, it gives you some immediate feedback on missing your week’s goal but still gives you an opportunity to hit your monthly goal.

Goals that are measurable help you keep yourself accountable and offer great feedback. 


“I need to start eating better”


A vague goal, like “I need to start eating better” can make it difficult to determine where to start, how much is too much, and know when you’re doing well or not doing well.

With so much unknown, it can be challenging to consistently make progress and even keep motivation up.

Instead, give yourself a specific First Step towards “eating better”.

A Specific First Step might be to limit beverages with calories to 3x a week for 4 weeks. (Includes soda, your Starbucks drink, alcoholic beverages.) If you can do that successfully add another step that may be a little more challenging for you.

By building on top of each mini step, you’ll give yourself a better chance at “eating better” and most importantly help the habits that got you there stick long term.


I need to start cooking more and eating out less.

6 Ways to Eat Better

As a personal trainer for 10+ years, I’ve found that clients who make appointments with me, very rarely miss a workout mainly because it’s prioritized and scheduled ahead of time.

No, you don’t need personal training sessions to keep you accountable but you can take the habit of “Scheduling” to help you follow through on things like workouts and  nutrition.

Coach’s Tip: 

Plan and schedule meals that will require cooking.


Rather than making plans to go out to eat on the weekends, make plans to stay in and cook dinner. If you go out with friends on the weekends, offer to cook for everyone or do a potluck style dinner party.

If you do a weekly date night, impress your significant other with a home cooked meal!

Scheduling is powerful so be sure to…

Schedule your priorities and not prioritize your schedule. 

Lifestyle Changes are Permanent 



Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls of Health & Fitness New Years resolutions is the mindset that “the changes you are going to make will only be temporary.”

You know the thought process…

“Once I lose 15 pounds, everything will be better and I can go back to living my normal life.” 

The reality is…

To have results that last, you need to understand that the nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes you make for temporary goals, will need to stick long term for lasting results.

“This means focusing on the habits and skills you utilize through your process just as much if not more than the goal itself.”

Coach’s Tip: 

Don’t rush the process and try to do too much too quickly.

Take your time and focus on the one habit you’re trying to develop and give yourself enough time for that habit to stick.


Community = Greatest Strength 


I’m not saying you can’t do it alone.

What I am saying is that it’s a lot easier and way more fun with a gym community!

In 2011, “Psychology of Sport and Exercise” published a study that found exercise habits of people you know have a positive influence on your exercise habits.

Also, the “Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University, published a study that surveyed married couples who joined health clubs together and found that…

Couples who worked out separately had a 43 percent dropout rate over the course of the year. Those who went to the gym together, regardless of whether they did the same workout, had only a 6.3 percent dropout rate.

*We now offer a Couples Rate at Reign Fitness, email info@bereignfit.com to learn more.

Coach’s Tip: 

Find a gym community, coach, workout partner, or significant other to team up with for better accountability/support.

Have fun and learn to enjoy the process because life is short and…

Investing in yourself can and should feel awesome!


How To Be an Awesome Training Partner 


Build your teamwork with thoughtful acts of support like:

  • Be in touch. Send reminder texts or emails, prearrange rides to the gym, offer wake-up calls if necessary.
  • Be on time. Always.
  • Push your partner, then reinforce their efforts with praise.
  • Suggest new ideas and routines to keep things interesting and prevent plateaus like going to a different class time, trying a different program, grabbing a heavier kettlebell, trying a new movement.
  • Remind your partner of his/her goals and encourage them when the going gets rough.
  • Keep tabs on each other through illness, travel and other routine-breakers. It will make it easier to get back on track.
  • Talk about topics other than fitness. The more you care about your partner as a person, the stronger your alliance will be. But don’t wallow in negative talk. It’s an energy downer.
  • Be flexible. Sitter canceled? Take turns watching the kids so each of you can exercise independently.
  • Be Positive: You can be an awesome training partner by just being positive in classes and while you’re at the gym. People are attracted to positivity!

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