In 2017 we launched Bring A Friend Friday after months of Members consistently asking to bring friends to workout with them. It was an opportunity to train with friends, introduce them to the Reign Community, and really have our members lead by example.


This year, we wanted to do more then just give you the opportunity to Bring a friend.

We wanted to highlight one day a month to really celebrate the Reign Community, introduce our friends and family to Reign, and have fun working out!


The First Friday of every Month in 2018 will be dedicated to the Reign Fam and Their Friends.

✅ Friends will still train FREE


Not only do friends receive access to all of our classes that day but they train for FREE. (If you’re bringing them to Barbell, please touch base with a coach so they can follow up with the individual to confirm that they have a basic understanding of the foundational movements.)

➡️ Signing up is still super easy and we’re excited to meet more friends/family!

Step 1: Just create a FREE account here and sign waiver here

Step 2: Register for the class

Step 3: We’ll take care of the rest

(It always helps us if you let us know who you’ve invited!)


✅ Reign Fitness First Fridays | Same Day, Every Month


Making the date more consistent allows us to better game plan for every First Friday and makes it so much easier to remember.


✅ Each First Friday Will Be Different: 

➡️ Some of the Fridays may be sponsored by one of the amazing vendors we partner with who will be giving out some amazing  goodies!

➡️We might have special classes before or after our regular sessions to give you opportunities to learn and receive more coaching.

➡️ We love rewarding action takers so friends may see some major deals on training and members may seem some awesome raffle giveaways on certain First Fridays! 


Thank you Reign Family for making opportunities to give back to our gym community possible by continuing to introduce us to your friends and family!

Our business was built on amazing clients like you, sharing Reign with the people in your lives and “word of mouth” continues to be the driving factor in the growth of our community.


First Fridays gives you the opportunity to share Reign and gives us the opportunity to give back to you.

Looking forward to 2018 and all the First Fridays!


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