In an effort to get to know members better and highlight the amazing individuals that make up our Reign community, we are so excited to keep bringing you Member Spotlights.

This month we are so stoked to feature Charissa!

She’s a face you’ll see in the AM, PM, Reignfit, and in Barbell so she’s no stranger to all of the classes.

Charissa works her BUTT OFF, is always coachable (this is truly awesome), and brings an amazing positive attitude towards her health & fitness. Staying focused on progress, even through nagging injuries, she’s always putting in the effort!

Most importantly she’s shared her story and inspired friends to start their own health & fitness journey.

Here is Charissa…

Name: Charissa Tomlinson
Age: 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday
Occupation: Research Administration

What (who) brought you to Reign?

Google did!

I was working on my pre-wedding bod and searched for gym nearby my home and in route to work with early morning classes and Google brought me to Reign.

What is the most significant change – whether social, physical, mental…you have experienced sinceyou have been here?

While participating in the Whole 30 challenge I pushed myself to stay on the
wagon and finish strong. I saw muscle definition I hadn’t seen since my early 20s, WOW!!!!

“I was able to provide a large variety of meals for myself and family that adhered to the Whole 30 diet and had the opportunity to find a new love for Brussel sprouts and sautéed yams with cinnamon, yummmm!!!”

In bringing varying foods back into my daily diet, I found out I have an allergy to wheat and or gluten (I just stay away from both) and a mild reaction to milk.

Who knew all these years….

Share your favorite memory so far at Reign.

The first day I walked in…at 4:45am! Eeeekkkk…

After Google showed me the way I tested the waters. I have always been intimidated by gyms of this stature and sure enough here comes Willie all energetic and smiling at 4:45 in the morning, who is like that? I am barely awake; hoping I signed up correctly am I at the right place and telling myself not to run out!

Needless to say I stuck to it. I was embraced by all the fellow Reign members and never thought twice about “testing” out another facility.

Who is your Hero? Why?

My parents.

They were both young when they had me and while holding down a full-time job, full time college and taking care of a full time princess. They were able to become successful leaders in the industries they work.

“They have encouraged me to push myself and never give up!”

What are your goals or aspirations leading into the New Year?


I really need to get back on track with me!

I have said it a million times, and know I make excuses as to why I “can’t” do this or that.

Well I can and I will.

I am excited on so many levels of what the New Year will bring for my family and me.

First CD you bought and Favorite Movie of all time…

Oh dear…that was soooooooo long ago!

Hmmm, if I had to guess my first CD was probably TLC, CrazySexyCool however that could have also been my first tape for those who know what that is!

By far my favorite movie is Cinderella, we relate on so many levels! Hahahaha

What are your hobbies outside of Reign? Hobbies?

Does taking care of two kiddos, a hubby, pups, go to both school and work full-time count and remodel a house count?

What is a hobby and who has time for that?!


As a family we snowboard in the winter, travel to sunny destinations, camp, jeep, swim in our pool and enjoy whatever time we have to fit an activity in together. We try to be outdoors as much as possible!

What’s your spirit animal?

A frog…

I have always loved the sweet sounds of a frog croaking. Puts me right to sleep and is very peaceful.


If you won the lottery, what would be one of your first selfish purchases?


Buy an island in Fiji to build on.

I have loved Fiji since I completed a history project in 6th grade and chose it as my country to research. I was able to fulfill a dream in 2015 when my husband and I were able to spend 2+weeks on our honeymoon in Fiji exploring the islands.

Not only is the weather and country amazing, but the people truly make it even a more luxurious place to visit.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their fitness journey?

Get on board!

I think I can successfully say I was able to speak to my friends and encourage them to join after speaking so highly of the workouts, the amazing coaches and the Reign fam overall.


The hubs is next!

I can’t speak to how amazing I feel, how much more energy I have and overall how much happiness spreads when I am achieving my fitness goals.

Fill In The Blank…

I Love…the sun (specifically 90ish+ degrees) I could never get enough of it!
I Am…a princess…well now a queen as I have passed on the torch to our daughter.
I Wish…to retire in Fiji (someday)
I Eat…all the time, I have snacking issues!



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