With 2018 coming up fast…

It’s been no secret that we’ve been game planning an epic Challenge to kick start the 2018 New Year. (I hate to call it a New Years Challenge because of the New Years Resolutions Stigma and bad rep it gets so we’ll just call it “The Challenge”.)

And we are ridiculously EXCITED to launch our first challenge in Reign’s New Location! 

We took the best (and highly requested) aspects from 2 different successful team challenges and combined them along with fine tuning some of our behind the scenes work in an effort to deliver a year influencing experience.

This Challenge has been designed to give you start date and deadline which can directly influence intensity levels, it can help you focus more on your health & fitness, and it can help spark a surge of energy that we often times need on order to achieve big goals and disrupt routine.

“We wanted to give you the opportunity at the beginning of the year to set the tone for the rest of the year and empower you to consistently challenge yourself more!”



(From one of our Reign Fam members classrooms, Can’t wait to put these words back up in our New Gym)

IMPORTANT: And to address it now…

Yes, we understand the format for all of our challenges are similar. It’s similar because the format has been tested and proved effective for over 11+ Challenges and we don’t want to change something that statistically proves to be so effective.

However, our team works very hard to over deliver on the experience, tweak details about the challenges, and really coach on an individual level to help everyone at their own pace for every single new challenge.


The reality is, every challenge is a different experience. You’ll understand this better if you’ve done more than one challenge but chances are, you’re in a different place (Mentally/physically/emotionally/spiritually) then you were before…

You might have a different job, eat different foods, have more gym experience, or even finally hitting your groove. The thing you have to understand is, every challenge regardless of whether or not it’s the same program will produce a different result and experience.

This Challenge isn’t just some internet program, instagram e-book, or a cook book you follow.


It’s real life hard work, actual people and coaches keeping you accountable, and a sometimes a lot emotions.

It’s real results. Real Memories.



Goals Of The “Limitless” Challenge

✅ Help you develop healthy lifestyle habits that will stick with you long term and help you towards fitness goals.

✅ Make your training, working out, and fitness FUN!

✅ Strengthen our community by building more relationships with like minded individuals.

✅ Push you outside of your comfort zones and challenge growth.

✅ Give you a boost of motivation and energy as we head into the 2018 New Year.

✅ Help you breakthrough plateaus.

✅ Teach and educate you on strategies and healthy lifestyle habits that can help you with your fitness process.

✅ Reveal what you’re capable of when you Decide, Commit, and Succeed.


This Challenge is for you if…


✅ You backed off the intensity in your training over the fall/winter and want to kick start the New Year with accountability, support, and focus.

✅ You’re looking to take your training to the next level. (Lose even more weight, start toning, or even really looking to build lean muscle and drop body fat)

✅ Motivation has been low and you need a swift kick in the rear to get back into your health and fitness grind especially after the HOLIDAYS. 

✅ You are looking for a challenge to help evolve your training, self-discipline, and nutrition.

✅ You’re looking for accountability. (Let’s be honest, we all need more accountability)

✅ You want to develop new skills in training and nutrition to help you in your fitness journey.

✅ You need to start working out but don’t know where to start and you don’t want to do it on your own.


So How do You Get The Most Out Of It?


“All successful challengers “BUY-IN” to the Challenge all the way, meaning – they do all the challenges, work hard to trust the process, and always give it their best effort. There’s no second guessing, complaining, or negative self-talk.

They go “All in” with a positive attitude, stay coachable, and the X-Factor… They start to encourage others along the way!”

It’s 100% about your attitude, approach, and ability to trust the process!


To all Reign Athletes Competing in the Crossfit Open 2018


If you haven’t started your open prep (getting nutrition, training, rest & recovery dialed in) yet for February 2018… 

We designed this challenge to take you right up until the week before the Crossfit Open. 

This was no accident.

Our goal was to give everyone accountability, an opportunity to reel nutrition back in from the holidays, and really give your training the attention it needs in order to do well in the Open.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to a coach more about how this can help your open prep, feel free to reach out to any one of your Reign Coaches and schedule a sit down meeting!


Is this challenge for everyone? 


As a matter of fact, if you’re in the middle of/following a specific program right now, working with a coach on specific goals, or even in a place in life (mentally or physically) that won’t allow you to spend extra energy on your fitness journey…

This challenge is probably not right for you.

(If you’re working with a coach and unsure… Please talk to your coach)

This Challenge is going to push you outside of your comfort zone, require energy & attention to detail, and really keep you accountable.

You know…

All the things you really want and need from a challenge in order to be successful!


Let’s get into it!


The Details


Price: $115 for Members / $299 +tax Non-Members

***Special Significant Other Rate*** If you’re currently a member and have a significant other who is interested in the challenge, we will be offering them a Special at the Member rate. Please email to get them set up for this.

***Buying This As A Gift*** All members will receive a 25% discount OFF the Non-Member Price when buying this Challenge as a Gift. To purchase please email***

Start Date: January 8th, 2018

End Date: February 16th, 2018

Total Duration: 40 Days / 6 Weeks

Last Day to Register: January 5th, 2018

Email to register!

What’s Included: 

  • Entry Fee into the Challenge
  • Unlimited Access to ReignFit Classes
  • Access To Main “The Challenge”  Facebook Group Page
  • Access To Team Pages
  • Coaching in a smaller team format
  • Access To All Challenge Events
  • Challenge Resources
  • Challenge Party


If you’re ready to Register NOW…




How Does It Work?

Hand with marker writing: How Does It Work?

Sign up for the Challenge, get your payment confirmed, and keep your eyes posted on the  weigh-in and team draft dates.

January 2-5th: Weigh-Ins – There will be an announcement along with a sign-up page.

January 6th: Teams Will Be Drafted

  • Teams will be selected in a systemized but random order and assigned to a Coach and team.
  • Coaches will have 1 trade each that they can use with another team. (All teams will have equal numbers) / Coaches have traded for clients and members in their classes.
    • You will be notified as soon as your team roster is complete by your coach.
    • You will also be given access to both our main “Challenge 2018 | Teams Edition 2.0” Facebook Group Page along with your Team Page (Your Coach will be the admin for this page)
    • You will also receive a link to download our Paleo Nutrition Manual and other resources.
  • The Challenge will start January 8th, 2017 with the announcement of your first physical/nutrition/or combination of both challenge.

“The rest of the challenge is a combination of meal prep, working out, sweating, having fun, eating real food, ReignFIT/Barbell Classes, overcoming obstacles, planning, interacting with your team, and working towards a common goal with the Reign Fitness Family!”


The Challenge 2018 Nutrition Protocol


For this challenge, we wanted to choose a nutrition protocol that was easy to follow and promoted taking the time to eat real nutrient dense food.


It’s also Reign’s go to Nutrition Protocol for anyone starting their training with us or looking to build good nutritional habits.

We will be following the Paleo Nutrition Protocol.

Not only does the Paleo Nutrition Protocol promote eating real food it also has a big emphasis on eliminating the crap and things your body may have a negative response to out of your diet.

You know…

Things like sugar, processed foods, certain grains, and dairy.

Kids Snacks

Why Eliminate? 

The 2 main factors why we like the eliminating aspect in the Paleo Protocol…

  • Removing things like sugar and processed foods in your diet can quickly help eliminate a lot of excess calories in your diet. Getting rid of unnecessary calories in your diet can help you lose weight quickly!
  • Removing certain types of foods like grains and dairy can be a little controversial as they should not be perceived as “bad food” however, many of us (myself included) can have a negative response to these types of food such as inflammation, bloating, and digestive issues. By eliminating them for a set period of time, it can help bring these negative responses to light and can help reset your body.

The Paleo Nutrition Protocol is still by far the most successful system we have used in a challenge setting. It was the easiest to implement, most manageable over an extended period of time, and produced the most results.

Familiarize yourself with the Paleo Nutrition Protocol before the challenge here. 

We will be providing more resources for you prior to the challenge.

*If you cannot follow a Paleo Nutrition Protocol due to health reasons or other concerns, please connect with a coach. This will not make or break your ability to participate in this challenge, please communicate with us and we will be more than happy to work with you.

If you’re already in Nutrition Coaching please let Coach Mesha know that you’ll be participating in this challenge so that she can plan accordingly.


Weekly Physical/Nutrition Challenges 


For this Challenge, we will have 2 Fitness levels for each challenge and it will be up to you to decide which one is right for you.

✅ Level 1 will be designed for general fitness goals

✅ Level 2 will be designed for individuals who are seeking to increase performance and already have a consistent training foundation.

Note: Both will be challenging and if you have any questions once the challenges are released, please talk with a Reign Coach as we are all here to help you.


Monday of each week, we will announce either a physical challenge, nutrition challenge, or a combination of both.

  • Your team will receive 2 points for every team member that completes the challenge.
    • Any team member who does not complete the challenge or submit it on time will receive 0 points.
  • We will provide scaled movements for all of the challenges so that everyone has an equal opportunity to complete the challenges.
  • Challenges must be completed by Saturday 9pm the week of the challenge being issued. (No Exceptions)
  • Submission of challenge completion proof will be explained in the directions of the Challenge and due on your team page. (Do not submit proofs of workouts on the main challenge page.)
  • Your coach will be in charge of your submission and your team’s overall submission for issuing of points.

Ex. Proof = Submit a picture of yourself and time of completion of the workout. 


Ex. Proof = Submit a picture of your meal. 



Team Challenges | Friday Night Lights 


  • Throughout the 40 days of the challenge, we will issue Team Challenges which will require all members on your team to complete.
  • Team Challenges are not required but rather an opportunity for your team to gain additional points.
  • Completing a Team Challenge will award your team 10-50 points.
  • All members of the team must complete the challenge according to the specifics of the challenge.
  • Team Challenge proof submissions must be finished by Saturday 9pm the week of the challenge being issued. Team challenge proofs will also be due on your Team Facebook Page for your coach to track.


Friday Night Lights

In a previous team challenge, we held Team Physical Challenges at the gym on Friday night which became Friday Night Lights.

Although teams didn’t compete against each other…

The high energy atmosphere and team spirit helped motivate challengers to perform at incredible intensity levels.

This Challenge we will have 4 teams going at it instead of 2!


 Team Standings and Points Update

Throughout the week, you will see an update of team standings and points on the main challenge page.

This is to help motivate you, your team, and your ability to work together in completing challenges.


Total Body Weight Percentage Lost 

Throughout the challenge, you and your team will be working towards a bodyweight percentage lost goal. This does not make or break your team’s ability to win but it can definitely give your team a nice cushion in points.

Your Team totals will be due by February 21st, 2018 @ 6pm.

Body weight percentage lost totals will determine the total points that your team will receive. Below are the point distribution for the standings.

  • 1st Place will receive: 100 points 
  • 2nd Place will receive: 70 points 
  • 3rd Place will receive: 40 points
  • 4th Place will receive: 10 points


How does your team win? 

At the end of the challenge, we will take…

Total Team Points (Individual Points + Team Challenge Points) + Bodyweight Percentage Standing Points = Total 

The team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins!


Do you want to buy this as a gift for someone else? 


Please email for details and information on any discounts that might be available to you as a member.


Register For The Challenge 2018 | Teams Edition 2.0





Important Dates 

January 2nd – 5th, 2018 – Weight-ins

January 6th – Teams Drafted and access to Challenge Pages

January 5th, 2018 – Last day to register for the challenge.

January 8th, 2018 –Start of the Challenge

February 16th, 2018 – Last Day of The Challenge


Q & A


Will this Challenge be difficult? 

Yes, it’s a challenge.

Who should I contact if I have any questions? 

Email and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

How do I pay? 

Email and let us know your interested, we will take care of the rest and then contact you to confirm payment method. Yes, you will also be able to pay cash or check at the gym.

If I have a friend that is interested, can I buy it for them at a discount? 

As long as you are a Reign Fitness member, you will be able to buy this challenge at a discount from it’s original rate. Email us and we will be more than happy to help you get this set up for a friend.

*You can not combine your significant other special offer with the discount.

What if I am traveling while the challenge is going on? 

Not a big deal.

Don’t forget that your health & fitness is a lifestyle and is something that is a part of you no matter where you go.

We’ve had plenty of members complete challenge while traveling or even being gone the entire time. This is an opportunity for you to really get a jump start in 2018 – the commitment is yours.

If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll make sure that you and your coach get synced up to make everything go smoothly throughout the challenge.

What if I’m not close to Reign but want to participate in the challenge? 

If you are a distance coaching client or just not in the area and want to participate in this challenge, you are more than welcome to join us.

A lot of the physical/nutrition challenges are designed to be completed from home anyways. Please send an email to and we can help answer any questions for you.

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