It’s no secret that self-discipline plays an important role in any pursuit of self-improvement and we see it especially in fitness. Self-discipline gets you to the gym on the days you don’t want to go, it wills you to do the things that are necessary to achieve a goal, and it ultimately allows you to keep moving forward.


Self-discipline can come in many different forms and take on varying definitions under the fitness microscope.

In this post, I hope to shed light on self-discipline and it’s transforming nature when it comes to training.


Maybe I can get you to stop for a few seconds in your crazy busy day to reflect, breathe, and spend a little time investing in yourself. (This would really make me happy!)

Ok, let’s get started.


“Show” Up

For many of you, showing up is self-discipline. Your balancing work, family, kids, and whatever else life decides to throw at you…

Just making it to the gym on some days can seem like a miracle.

But as you gain more experience and consistency becomes less difficult, it’s important to remember that the forms of self-discipline can also start to change and take on different definitions.

As physically getting to the gym becomes more habitual and requires less energy…

Mentally being invested and present in your time can be where the self-discipline comes into play.

Are you just going through the motions or are you invested and ready to train with purpose? How are you “Showing Up”?


(Inside the UFC Octagon, “showing up” might take on a few different meanings and yield consequences.)

“Showing Up” = Being Present & Focused: 

✅ Ready to learn and be coached.

✅ In a positive mindset.

Check out this quick read from Success.com on “7 Practical Tips To Achieve a Positive Mindset”. 

My favorite (and one I have to keep working on) is Turn Negative Self Talk into Positive Self Talk. 

✅ Focused on self-improvement.

✅ Read to sweat and work hard.


But again…

“Showing-Up” can have different meanings depending on the individual and you really have to take a second to think about it.

Take Action:

✅ Ask yourself, “What does “Showing Up” mean to me?”

✅ Take 2 seconds to reflect on how November went for you. Did you show up according to your definition?

✅ Now with after some reflecting and game planning… ➡️ Decide. Commit. Succeed.

✅ Go Kick this week’s A$$!


The “Not So” Sexy Stuff



I love to lift heavy weights, push the prowler, and throw things!

You know…

All the cool, fun, sexy stuff that the fitness industry throws into the media. Things like high energy cycling classes with bubbly instructors, working out in rooms lit with colored lighting, and group classes that you punch your way through on a card.

Don’t get me wrong, I know first hand that all these things can deliver a good workout but as you get more experienced with your training and start focusing on your goals…


All that sexy stuff starts to lose it’s shininess (yes even lifting heavy weights) and you get back to square one and the formula that has consistently helped you produce results. The things that require more self-discipline.


“The Formula That Has Consistently Helped You Produce Results”

➡️ Taking time to reflect and set a Goal.

➡️ Devise a Game plan to help you reach that goal.

➡️ Work hard to follow the Game Plan.

➡️ Consistently challenge yourself and exercise self-discipline to help you develop better habits for your goals.

➡️ Insert motivation, accountability, a positive environment/atmosphere/community.

➡️ Repeat.


The reality is…

I’ve been lifting heavy weights, pushing the prowler, and throwing things for 13 years – you know, all the “sexy” stuff.

And now…

It sometimes feels like I’m running on auto-pilot when it comes to training and it just doesn’t feel like I’m exercising that much self-discipline any more.


Without continuing to challenge myself with things that require self-discipline, I know that my progress and results are falling short of where they could be. I also know that the areas in my training that will help me the most are the “Not So” Sexy Stuff. 

So, what’s the “Not So” Sexy Stuff ?

For me, it’s everything that’s tedious that I don’t want to do but I know I have to do, especially if I want to continue to lift heavy weights, push the prowler, and throw things. (I know, that phrase is getting a little ridiculous now.)


It’s things like…

✅ Foam Rolling, lacrosse ball work.

✅ Getting in all my micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals)

✅ Making time to mobilize before training and cool down after.

✅ Reminding myself to drink more water throughout the day to keep hydration at optimal levels.

✅ Being disciplined with my schedule so that I give myself time to train.

“And I can assure you that I have to use 100% of my Self-Discipline to accomplish these things every single day!”

The “Not So” Sexy things require self-discipline but can often be exactly what you need to break plateaus, build momentum, and help you achieve new results.


Take Action:

Ask yourself…

✅ What are some of the “sexy” things in fitness that you like to do but don’t really require a lot of self-discipline? (exercise movements?, workouts?, classes?, activities?)

✅ What’s an area in your training that needs more attention, more self-discipline?

✅ Pick one. Get Started.


Discipline Is A Habit


One thing I’ve learned from my wife’s approach to her training is that Discipline is a Habit and it can overflow into every part of your life.

I watch my wife exercise discipline all the time especially when it comes to preparing for her day the night before regardless of how tired she may be. Sure, there’s a system developed now that helps things move smoothly but I know she still has to make the decision to invest her time and choose to do it.

I’ve noticed that Mesha is always exercising her self-discipline for even small things like…

Laying out clothes the night before, making time to prep food for the next day (mine too), and still waking up early on the weekends.


It’s no different when it comes to her training.


✅ She takes the time to foam roll adequately, does all her drills for nagging body parts, and warms up properly focusing on areas that need more attention.

✅ Her outfit is chosen the evening before which is strategized to give her confidence and  bring positive energy. (If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you’re gonna train better.)

✅ Simple carbs are prepped for her pre-workout fuel, BCAA’s are mixed and ready to be sipped on during her workout, and food is prepped for post workout recovery.

✅ Training gear is always ready to go whether it’s wrist wraps, longer socks, lifting shoes, or jump rope.

✅ Whether she wants to or not, she always spends time mobilizing to make sure her body is moving well and getting properly warmed up for her training.

Mesha’s got a grit to her self-discipline that wills her to do things she has to do in order to have a successful training day and that right there is truly what has helped her see so much success in her own personal fitness.

“The more you practice discipline, doing the things you may not necessarily want to do, the more you’ll see it overflow into the other areas of your life and in your training.”


Action Steps:

Identify three things you need to allocate more attention to and exercise discipline with.

✅ Find people to help keep you accountable.

✅ Connect your “why?” with these 3 things and commit. (Why do you want to get better at these things? Why is it important to you? How will you benefit? What do you lose if your not successful?)


Now it’s your turn!

How often are you exercising self-discipline vs. running on auto-pilot?

It’s never going to be a good time so take action if you’ve been feeling like something needs to change. The biggest tip I can give you is to meet with one of your coaches and just think out loud.

Your Reign Fitness coaches can listen, help you create a game plan, and also commit to keeping you accountable.

We’re always stronger together!


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