The Reign “In Gym” Throwdown was such an amazing experience to be a part of and we want to say Thank you to everyone who was involved.

The Throwdown not only provided a platform for our community to test themselves in a fun, high energy, and supportive environment…

It was an amazing way to say goodbye to our current space before we transition into a New Reign Fitness Facility.

*It was also an awesome way to wish Coach Megan a Happy Birthday!

Bake Sale

✅ A Big Thank you to the amazing individuals that dedicated their time and energy to Support our Movember Efforts with The Bake Sale! 

  • We raised over $350 that will be donated to Team Preign Mantis fundraising efforts towards Movember 2017.
  • Thank you Monica, Amy, Dodi, Jessica, and Divina!
  • Also thank you to everyone who supported by buying something yummy!


✅ There were over 23 PR’s set at The Throwdown

Congratulations to all of you for hitting some impressive numbers!



✅ Huge Shoutout to everyone who competed for the first time in a fitness competition like this. 

We received so much positive feedback, we can’t wait to start planning the next one!



✅ Thank you to all of the Coaches and Judges who volunteered their time (waking up extra early on a Saturday) so that this event could be possible.

Please make sure to say thank you and give the coaches/judges a high five when you see them in class! 



✅ Scroll Down For Results… 


Scaled Division Events




Performance Division Events

Event 1 Performance

event3 performance

Event 2 Megan dirty thirty


Scaled Division Results


Performance Division Results

Perfromance REsults





If you haven’t checked out any of the posts about this move please take a moment to read more about our transition here…


Breaking News: Reign Fitness Announces New Facility Early 2018 | Renton Highlands 

New Reign Fitness Location Revealed | Renton Highlands Gym

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