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As an athlete, your preparation for the day of competition goes far beyond what you do in the gym. While physical training is critical, mental preparation is also essential to your success.

Your mind is a powerful tool and in this post, I’ll cover 5 ways to help you mentally prepare before your next competition.

Tip 1 | Imagine Your Success

Mental practice and visualization has been used by many athletes to help them prepare for competition. When you mentally rehearse the events, and think about how you want to tackle each movement, it can be as effective as physical practice alone.

Also, visualizing yourself overcoming some challenges that might happen during an event can help you build confidence in yourself.

Tip 2 | Remember Your “Why”

Take some time to go over your purpose for competing and training.

“What’s the reason you chose to compete in the first place?”

Step back from training for a moment and remember your “why”. When you re-evaluate the purpose of your training, it tends to give you even more motivation to complete each workout at your fullest potential.

Tip 3 | Eliminate Self-Defeating Thoughts

On average, we have anywhere from 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day. How many of those thoughts are negative, self-defeating about yourself?

Self-talk can often become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“When you think positive thoughts about yourself, you have more of a chance to perform better. If you catch yourself saying negative things to yourself, make an effort to replace those thoughts with positive self-talk.”

Tip 4 | Look Back at Your Success

Every success you’ve had, whether it was for a competition or a workout at the gym, you have always come out of it with learning something that will help you build confidence to perform well next time.

Recognize that there are no mistakes when it comes to the big picture and to value the feedback for improvement.

Being a successful athlete comes with the process of learning, growth, and self-development.

Tip 5 | Using Meditation to Get You in “The Zone”

Every athlete has been in “the zone”. It’s when you are completely laser focused on the task you are completing. Too many thoughts can distract an athlete “the zone” mindset.

Meditation can be a useful tool for athletes to have a sense of awareness. There are many type of meditation whether that’s using an app, going to yoga, listening to music, or anything else that helps your mind have a clear sense of awareness.

It’s always important to remember that your mind requires regular training and practice in order to perform at its best.

With these few tips, it can help create a stronger mindset for that competition day and also for your day to day life. We all want to get stronger physically, but it’s important to get stronger mentally as well.




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