The holiday season is just around the corner starting first with Halloween!


It’s Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas cookies! (My absolute favorite season!)

I know that this time of the year can be challenging in terms of eating well and exercising regularly as your weekends will soon be booked with social gatherings, potlucks and happy hours.

Some people do just fine sticking to their routine; but there are many of you out there who throw in the towel and stop doing the things that work.

“Like eating real food, meal prepping, scheduling workouts in your planner and drinking water.”

Just because the holiday season is here…

It doesn’t mean you should throw all your good eating and workout habits out the window.


How can you stay stress-free around all the yummy food and goodies you’re about to be surrounded by?

Here are five tips to a healthier holiday season…

Tip 1 | Be Real With Yourself


I’ve heard these lines before…

“I am only going to eat a sliver of pumpkin pie.”


“I am not going to eat any carbs on Thanksgiving”

or my favorite…

“I am just going to do a double tomorrow and eat less because I ate soooo much candy today.”

Sure, this may seem like the most logical approach but let’s be REAL! It’s going to be hard to avoid delicious holiday goodies and more than likely it may backfire and steer you further away from your goals.

We are all human and it’s okay not to be perfect. Allow yourself to approach your food with a positive mindset and enjoy it.

“Finding the right balance between sharing special moments and focusing on your goals is important, so don’t be hard on yourself. Allow yourself to embrace being flexible with your food and know that these are only a few meals out of the year!”


Tip 2 | Out of Sight – Out of Mind


You don’t have to eat it just because it’s there!

Most of us have been taught to eat because it’s disrespectful if we don’t and eating becomes a habit. Our different cultures have foods that are made only for certain occasions and breaking bread with others provides us comfort and love.

There is going to be treats everywhere you go. From potlucks, work events, your kid’s school, in your home…

“Food will be there but it doesn’t mean you have to try it or have it all.”

Ask yourself what your favorite thing is and treat yourself. What’s the point of eating what doesn’t get you excited? 

Tip 3 | Slow Your Roll  


Remember that 15 minute nutrition exercise where you time yourself and chew each bite of food 30 times? Obviously, it’s going to be difficult to eat slower at your holiday gathering but it is definitely worth a try! 

Slow your roll and take your time this holiday season. 

Try timing yourself and take at minimum 15 minutes to eat your meal. (harder then you may think)

Why 15 minutes?

“Well, it takes 15-20 minutes for your stomach to send the satiety (fullness) signals to your brain and if you rush through your meal, you are more likely to overeat.”

Enjoy the experience of eating with family and friends because slowing down will help your brain signal to your stomach when you’re getting full. Plus, when you are surrounded by loved ones and good food you’ll feel so much better if you just slow down.


Tip 4 | Have A Plan


Whether you have decided to eat mindfully or pack your scale, developing a plan beforehand allows you to stay focused.

Remember that this is a choice you’re making to invest in your goals and to your health and nobody can take that away from you. At the end of the day, it comes down to owning your truth and giving yourself permission to focus on your priorities.

The holidays give you a chance to spend time with your loved ones, but remember, that includes giving yourself attention and care too!

Once you have created your plan stick to it!

“If you decided you will only have a taste of dessert, treat that like an unbreakable promise to yourself that can’t be changed last minute (regardless of how delicious the pecan pie smells).” 



Tip 5 | Be Active & Move


Being active is important for many reasons and is an essential part of your life, especially during this time of year when life seems to get busier than ever.

Being active can help you stay on point with your health & fitness goals, it can help offset extra (holiday) calories, and most importantly it can help build momentum going into the New Year – so you don’t get caught making the same resolutions over and over.


Although it may be challenging, the best strategy is to try and stick with your regular workout routine.

But if you can’t get to the gym…

Make an effort to take advantage of every opportunity to be active.

You can…

✅ Do a bodyweight workout at home.

✅ Conquer some household chores.

✅ Walk the dog or walk with your family after a meal.

✅ Take the stairs whenever you can.

✅ Take a break from your desk and stand up frequently, etc.


This year doesn’t have to be stressful.

With a little bit of planning, flexibility, mindful eating and exercise you will have the skills to make this holiday season a happy, healthy and tasty holiday season!

– Coach Mesha



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