The Reign 30 Day “Limitless” Challenge Results Party was awesome!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the event and celebrating this amazing accomplishment with us.

“This Year’s Fall Challenge was all about overcoming obstacles, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and learning/practicing real life skills that can support a fit lifestyle…

…And of course one of our main goals is to always strengthen the relationships in our community!”

The last 30 days were filled with Physical & Nutrition challenges that gave challengers opportunities to step their intensity up, pay more attention to what’s going into their bodies, and also get the people (family/friends/significant other/kids) in their lives involved too!




We even saw challengers getting together to take on challenges and also leading the charge with Mobility – influencing friends/family to join in…



The challenge was a great learning experience for everyone and it just shows that…

“Giving something a Start Date and Deadline can directly influence intensity levels, it can help you focus on the specific task at hand, and lastly – it can help spark a surge of effort/energy that we often times need in order to achieve a goal and disrupt our daily routine of things.”

Again congratulations to everyone who Decided, Committed, and Succeeded.

Check out some of our Amazing 30 Day Results… Yes, 30 Days.


Taylor W. | Lost 8.4lbs | Lost 6.5 inches

Kandi S. | Lost 8.4lbs | Lost 7.5 inches

Esther R. | Lost 8.2lbs | Lost 7.75 inches

Susan N. | Lost 9lbs | Lost 5.75 inches

Mariela H. | Lost 6.8lbs | Lost 5.75 inches

Jordyn A. |Lost 8.2lbs | Lost 7.8 inches

Kathy V. | Lost 8lbs | Lost 5.25 inches


As a group..

We lost 180.2lbs lost and 143.6 inches lost


(Left to Right: Kelly Stone, Marissa, Jessica S., Kelly Smith)

First Place

Jessica Schott
Bodyweight Percentage Lost 6.36%
Lost: 10.6lbs
Inches: 5.9 inches

Second Place

Kelly Smith
Lost: 3.8lbs

Third Place

Marissa Harrell
Bodyweight Percentage Lost 5.71%
Lost: 13.6lbs
Inches: 7.25 inches


Kelly Stone
Bodyweight Percentage Lost 3.87%
Lost: 6.8lbs
Inches: 5.75 inches

Note: Winners were chosen based on challenge completions, leadership, attitude, challenge involvement/participation, bonus completions, consistency, results play only a small role in selecting the winners.


The Challenge Party

Our challenge party was emotional, fun, and we really had an amazing time celebrating the completion of the last 30 days.

Big thank you to the Reign Fitness Team for locking down an amazing catering experience and sponsors that provided such amazing challenger victory packs. Our goal was to provide a great finish line experience and make all of our challengers feel special!

So, make sure to give the Coaches a big hug, high five, or fist bump to say thanks.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and catering.













Have you heard?


Reign Fitness is moving into a NEW Bigger Facility!

Check out the details, special offers, and updates in the post below…


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