I was super active as a kid, I competed in sports from grade school through college. Life after college I was active, pick up basketball, flag football, to coaching sports (before my own kids).

Then boom, life goes on and you barely notice waist line getting bigger, walking slower, out of breath, now you have kids, a job that requires your attention and…

“Still thinking I was the size 34 I was in college and uhhhh sir no try “40 plus” WHAT THE ****.”

 I’m not that big am I?

Well, yes you are?

Social media (the ultimate fact checker) takes you down memory lane with #ThrowbackThursdays and #FlashBackFridays.

Life moves fast and your weight grows along with it.

Some men take for granted the small things like being able to walk, breathe without complication, and being physically able to move well. Our inner self thinks we can do it all and take on the world (don’t get me wrong I will always think that way).

“When we were young men we were fearless, we could do anything, eat or drink anything without consequence.”

The state of Men’s Health is telling a different story. Men’s life expectancy is 5 or more years less than women. The leading causes of death are: Stress, Heart Disease, Cancer, Accidents, Suicide, and Diabetes.


All of which can slowly catch up with us if we do not take care of ourselves.

Men we have the opportunity to change the narrative of our lives and most important we are needed. We assume several roles as Fathers, God Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Mentors, and roles model; on top of our daily jobs/careers in the end It starts with you. 

Here are the following keys to being a Fit D.A.D.




You must decide how you’re going to live the rest of your life. I made the conscious decision that I wanted to be around for my family. No matter what the obstacle I was going to live for my purpose.

The decision starts and ends with you.



Find your activity whether it’s running, swimming, basketball, or hiking, be active! For me being active is weightlifting and High Intensity Training. I feel better about myself, I feel more energetic, focused, and alive.

It’s no thing to run around with my 3 boys because I can match their energy level.



Once I decided to live a healthy lifestyle for the sake of my health, family, and community.  It was time to put my feet to the ground and keep going.

It’s not only the physical aspect but it is the mental commitment that goes beyond everything else.

Take care of yourself so you you can care for others.


Being a FIT Determined Active Devoted (DAD) is a beautiful thing, you will be able to be there for your family but also available to others.

What you do now impacts you and others around you.

Be a D.A.D. and you’ll be amazed at what you have accomplished.

– Coach Willie



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  1. Willie, nicely said! There’s so much truth in this article and it applies to women too. Can’t wait to share it. You’ve been and continue to be an amazing role model and coach. Keep it up.

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