September 1st | September Committed Club


We hit an incredible milestone in August…

We had our first group, a large group too, of members who have been a part of Committed Club for 3 straight months. This means they were able to attend at least 20 classes a month for the last 3 months in a row! (We will have something for all of you soon)

Now, we are super excited to see who will move on to hit the 6 month milestone.

Also, we get to see a large group of athletes who have an opportunity to hit their 3 month straight milestone this month in September!


September 4th | Labor Day Classes


Big shout out to everyone who was around and came in to sweat it out with us!

It’s always awesome to see new faces too,


September 8th | Bring A Friend Friday September 2017

Bring A Friend Friday

Bring A Friend Friday is always one of if not our favorite event every month because we all get an opportunity to invite friends and fam to come train with us.

It’s one thing for friends and fam to see pictures and videos of you training but when they get to come in and train alongside of you….

It’s truly is amazing!

Email and let us know who you want to bring and an email contact… We will take care of the rest.

September 9th | Reign Fitness Competes at Femme Royale


On September 9th, Reign Fitness will be sending 7, 2 woman, teams to compete in Femme Royale Fitness Competition!

Not only have our Reign women been training for the last 4-5 weeks, they’ve been excited to go out there and give it their best effort.

If you didn’t know, our community has been slowly transitioning into supporting members who are interested in competing in fitness as a sport… It’s a unique opportunity to have fun with fitness, offer a competitive outlet, and really give some extra motivation to your training.

We will release more information on our Members Pages on how you can come out and support!


September 11th | Reign “Limitless” 30 Day Fitness Challenge Starts


As the summer winds down, we all know that weather transition only foreshadows the holiday season to come and if you’re looking to be on the offensive…

We hold a Fitness Challenge to spark, ignite, and kickstart your fitness process in September.

It’s an opportunity to push outside of your comfort zone, find additional accountability, and be surrounded by like minded individuals!

✅ Last day to register is Saturday, September 9th

✅ Challenge Starts September 11th

✅ 30 Days

For more information on the challenge check out the post below…

Check out the post here… “Reign Limitless 30 Day Fitness Challenge “


September 16th & 17th | Barbell Fundamentals Class Series


Barbell classes have not only become a great supplemental program to ReignFIT but have opened a whole new world of fitness for our members.

If you’ve been waiting to get into this class series or you’re interested in registering, please email to secure your spot.

The Barbell Fundamental Class Series is only $49 for both Saturday and Sunday!

For more info on the Fundamental Class Series check out the post below…


September 23rd | Reign Mobility Workshop | Foam Rolling and Mobility 101

Mobility Workshop Ad

Reign Fam we are so exited to announce our second Mobility workshop which will be going down Saturday, September 23rd @ 9:30am right after Saturday’s ReignFIT class.

This workshop covers some of the foundational and basic recovery methods that we believe every Reign member should have a basic understanding of so that you can self-treat.

This workshop is FREE but will be capped at 20 people.

Email and include Mobility Workshop in the subject line to reserve your spot. Once you receive a confirmation email for your spot, you know you have a reserved spot.

*In the case you need to cancel, all we need is a 24 hour notice – so that we can offer another member the vacant spot. If you register to attend this workshop and fail to give a 24 hour notice cancellation, your account will be charged $20.



If you haven’t heard…


Reign Fitness just announced that we will be moving into a NEW and Bigger Facility in early 2018!!!

“Check out some of the details in the post below and make sure to be one of the first people to know about Grand Opening Membership Specials (details in the post)!”

Grand Opening Specials

Check it out here: “Breaking News: Reign Fitness Announces new Facility Early 2018 | Renton Highlands.” 

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