With so many of our Reign Fam traveling and constantly on the road…

The Reign Traveler Training Series has been getting a lot of attention and requests for more workouts. Not only are we happy that our Reign Road warriors are prioritizing their fitness even while traveling, they are providing so much inspiration to our entire community.

“It’s important to remember that we prioritize and work hard for that 1 hour in the gym so that the other 23 hours of the day, wherever we are can be even better.”

Here are 5 workouts for all you road warriors out there.

Don’t forget to tag Reign Fitness on social media or use the hashtags #reignfitness #reignfitfam so that we can see you doing the workouts can give you props!




“I love Burpees”

Directions: Complete all the exercises in the order listed for the number of reps for time. Keep intensity high but not at the cost of form.

Coach’s Tip: Work hard to find a rhythm with your Burpees where you are breathing out at the same point in the movement and you keep a nice pace (without breaking) through the full 35 burpees.

35 Burpees

50 Squats

50 Situps

35 Burpees



Directions: Complete a .25 mile run either on a treadmill or outside followed by 50 bodyweight squats for 4 rounds for time.

Coach’s Tip: Work to finish the bodyweight squats unbroken for an extra challenge which means using the quarter mile run as a recovery period.

Complete 4 rounds for time.

.25 mile Run

50 Squats




“Thrusters to the Rescue” 

Directions: Complete three rounds of a 1/2 mile run, which can be done either on a treadmill or outside.

Coach’s Tip: Maintain a pace that you know won’t set you back or push you over the redline limit so that you can finish the work. As you get into round 2 and 3 start to increase your pace going by feel but if you’re up for a challenge find a way to go unbroken on your thrusters – this may influence the run a bit. If you can’t go unbroken then game plan ahead of time how many reps you want to hit and how you want to split up each set.

3 rounds for time

1/2 mile Run (.5 on treadmill or outside)

20 DB Thrusters (30lbs/20lbs)


“Hang 10”

Directions: In 10 minutes – Complete as many rounds and reps as possible of the exercises for the set number of reps and in the order listed.

Coach’s Tip: Focus on quality form with the hang clean and jerk making sure to complete one movement before worrying about the next. Breathing will be key during this workout so know when to breathe out.

AMRAP 10 Minutes 

7 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks (40lbs/30lbs)

10 Burpees


“Easy Mile”

Directions: Complete 4 rounds of the following exercises for the set number of reps or distance in the order listed.

Coach’s Tip: Utilize the run as a recovery time from the other exercises and as you get into the later rounds start picking up the pace depending on feel. This workout will require a little game planning based on your fit levels so take a few minutes before to review and make an attack strategy.

4 Rounds For Time

.25 mile run

15 DB Hang Cleans (35lbs/25lbs)

10 Situps

7 Burpees



If you haven’t heard…


Reign Fitness just announced that we will be moving into a NEW and Bigger Facility in early 2018!!!

“Check out some of the details in the post below and make sure to be one of the first people to know about Grand Opening Membership Specials (details in the post)!”

Grand Opening Specials

Check it out here: “Breaking News: Reign Fitness Announces new Facility Early 2018 | Renton Highlands.” 

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