As Coaches, we are extremely passionate about giving our members as much information, knowledge, and attention as possible. However, there are many things on both the coach and athletes sides that can hinder this communication like time constraints, distractions, LIFE, etc…

But there are things that you can do to help elevate your athlete – coach experience every time you’re in the gym.

Here are 7 tips to help you get the most out of the coaching we are trying to provide…


Tip 1 | Show Up Early 

Not only will showing up give you time to foam roll and mobilize (beyond the movement prep and warm-up in class)…

It will also give you the opportunity to:

✅ Checkout the workout.

✅ Watch the previous class finish.

✅ See some different scaling options.

✅ See target times and goals for the workout.

✅ Take time to transition into a headspace that allows you to focus on yourself and get into the right mindset to train.


Tip 2 | Communicate With Your Coach 

Coaches are here to help and most importantly listen.

If you have anything going on… injury, nervousness, or maybe your just unsure about something – before class is a great time to talk to your coach.

Whatever it is, we’re here to listen and help!

Tip 3 | Sit In The Front Of The Class 


When we start briefing the workout get in tight!

Ignore people’s personal space for a few minutes and get up close so you can hear all the points of performance for different exercises, workout strategy (how to attack the workout), and everything the coach is trying to tell you about the workout.


Tip 4 | Slow and Focused 

Getting to the next progression is always on athlete’s minds but it’s important to take things slow and not rush the process.

Our goal for each workout regardless of the class and program is quality not quantity especially when it comes to learning a movement.

Don’t Rush.

Slow things down so that you can focus on the cues Coaches are giving you and work on the small details.

Small details and points of performance accumulate over time and help you maintain awesome movement mechanics as you progress in the future.


Tip 5 | Get Some Eyes On You 


It’s important, especially with more complex lifts and exercises, to get a coach to watch you.

It doesn’t have to be for a full set or every rep but you should have a coach watch a few good reps and regardless of what level your at, make sure to have at least one takeaway note or cue.

Wait for a coach and ask for attention – I know they’ll be more than happy to help!

Tip 6 | Take Note Of Your Cues 

Different cues work for different athletes.

“Chest up!” might help one individual but may not click with you and because Coaches are always striving to find what works for different people…

You’ll most likely experience a wide variety of verbal and tactical cues during class.

And when one clicks…

Write it down so you don’t forget it. (I just pull out my phone real quick, open up my notes app and write what the cue was, what exercise or drill it helped me with, and what it helped me do)

Keep a compiled list of things that are helping you.

Tip 7 | Stay After Class 


After class is the best time to grab a coach and pick their brains!

Let them go into more detail and share additional tips or even explain why they gave you certain “cues” in class.

This is also a great time to spend working on a weakness or movement that you’ve been wanting to get better (pull-ups, double-unders, box jumps).  It’s often the accumulation of these small “after class” or even “before” training times that help you breakthrough.

Note: As a coach I’ll often prescribe a before or after class drill/homework to my athletes to help them get closer to progressing a movement. Talk to your coach after class!



These are just a handful of tips to help you get the most out of the athlete coach experience and it’s important to remember that communication is at the heart of this relationship.

And as coaches, we understand that there are lot more factors that go into fitness and training including your emotional, physical, and mental state but please remember that we are here for you.

Reign Strong!

– Albert Park



One thing I always like to preach to coaches and my personal training clients is to always have a “White Belt” Mentality when someone is coaching you.

It means, to be attentive like if you were beginner and never act like you know everything because real experienced athletes and coaches know…

“That you can always find something new to takeaway or see something from a different perspective even if you’ve heard it 100 hundred times or think you know it the best.”

Work hard and always be humble.


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