It’s no secret that training while traveling can be challenging – especially when you don’t have a plan. (or even a backup plan)

Which is why one strategy I always suggest to our Reign Fam before they hit the road is to have a few pre-written workouts always ready to go so you can make the best of any situation.

And in the today’s post I’m going to give you one workout you can do with no equipment, one you can do with little to no equipment, and one with equipment to help better prepare you for any situation that you might face.

Whether you only have the outdoors, you find a gym with minimal equipment, or you get an opportunity to visit a fully equipped gym…

You’ll have a workout that will adapt to your environment but also challenge you to work hard.

The key with all of these workouts will be intensity.

“The more energy and focus you bring to each workout – the more you’re going to get out of it!”


“4 Hundo”

Directions: Complete the exercises for the set number of reps or distance and in the order listed for time.

*No Equipment

**You can also do this on a treadmill.

 Run 400m (.25 miles) 

50 squats

Run 400m

40 Pushups

Run 400m

30 AlternatingLunges (15 each leg)

Run 400m 

20 Burpees

Run 400m 

100 Mountain Climbers (L/R = 1 rep)


“Sweet 16”

FullSizeRender 15

EMOM x 16 minutes 

Directions: Perform the set number of reps for the exercise at the top of the minute. Use the rest of the minute to rest and recover. At the top of the next minute start the next exercise – complete the set number of reps and then use the rest of the minute to rest and recover. Cycle through the 4 exercises for 4 rounds for a total of 16 minutes.

*Little to No Equipment

Min 1 DB Thrusters x 12-15 reps

Min 2 Burpees x 10-15 reps

Min 3 DB Renegade Rows x 10 reps

Min 4 Situps x 20-25 reps

**Add a Pushup To your renegade rows to add more difficulty.


“Strong Like Ox”

Complete the exercises for the set number of reps in the order listed and complete the countdown. You will complete 10 reps of all the exercises in the order listed, then 9 reps of all the exercises in the order listed, then 8…. etc. until you get to 1.

Complete for time but never sacrifice position and form. Remember our rule… Position over transition.


DB or BB Bench Press (Heavy)


Kettlebell or Dumbbell Goblet Squats (Heavy)

*Not feeling like upper body – Switch out the DB/BB Bench Press and add in some deadlifts. Don’t want to squat when you switch it over the Bench Press, no worries – switch it up for BB Deadlifts.

**The weight that you choose should be a weight that you can complete the 10 reps with at about 80-85%.


Have you heard…

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If you haven’t, check out all the details in the post below and find out about how you can be one of the first to know about Grand Opening Specials…

Breaking News: Reign Fitness Announces New Facility Early 2018 | Renton Highlands 

Or you can email and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and tell you more about it.

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