We want to start off by saying Thank You!

Thank you to The Reign Family, friends, and everyone who has supported the growth of our community from it’s early and humble beginnings.

Thank You.


In early 2014, after outgrowing the small leased corner space in another gym, we spent the summer operating out of a 1 car garage unit training a handful of amazing clients wondering what the next step would be for a very young Reign Fitness.

After a hectic summer, we decided and committed to growing the Reign Community and signed a lease for the first Reign Fitness facility in the Renton Highlands.

In September 2014, we opened the doors to Reign Fitness & Performance and even though we didn’t have a lot on the walls, fancy equipment, or even members – we did have a place to call home (for about all 20 of us at the time).


Flash forward a couple years (after a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears)…

We’ve added more equipment, definitely put up more stuff on the walls, but more importantly – added a lot more amazing like minded people to join our Reign Family. It’s grown from a small group of personal training clients into a full thriving community that not only supports each other in the gym but unconditionally supports each other in life.



And as our community continues to grow well past 100+ Reign Fam Strong, we needed to start looking ahead to the future.

We knew that this year was going to be the right time to start making a transition into a bigger facility and start a new chapter in our book.


“We are excited to announce that Reign Fitness & Performance will be moving into a New and Bigger Facility in early 2018!”


And before you ask where it is, let me beat you to it and say…

“We will announce this as soon as we start construction in Fall 2017 but for now, we can say that Reign Fitness will keep it’s home in the Renton Highlands.”

(The best part is that it’s actually within a mile or two of our current location)

What Can You Look Forward To At The New Reign Fitness Facility?

Reign Window


✅ Consistent High Quality Service

Our number one priority has been and will always be to provide the highest quality service and best experience that we can.


We are passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives through health & fitness and it’s what we’ve dedicated our lives to!


Not only do we want to be amazing coaches, we also want to exceed your expectations as a business including everything from the process of buying a bottle of water to the cleanliness and upkeep of our facility. (You know we like to keep things fresh and so clean clean!)


✅ More Class Times

As our community grows, we are excited to announce that we will be adding more class times and opportunities to train!


We will announce more details as we get closer to the opening date (Early 2018) so keep your eyes peeled on the Reign Members Only Facebook Group for polls and opportunities to give us feedback.

We look forward to hearing from all of you so that we can deliver classes at the times that “YOU” want.


✅ More Opportunities For Fitness/Nutrition/Health Education 

With more space and equipment, we are planning to offer more workshops and classes (like our Mobility Workshops and Reign Barbell Fundamentals Classes) for members to expand their training knowledge.


Fitness at Reign is a lot more than just attending classes…

We want you to learn, grow in your fitness journey, and continue to evolve your training.


✅ New Equipment & Bigger Space

One of the best parts about The New Reign Facility is…

We will get to enjoy More Space!

With the growth of our amazing community, we needed a larger space that would not only help the flow of the facility more efficient but also provide more sq. footage per member during classes.


The Larger space will also allow for improved member amenities, more room for equipment, and provide adequate storage space for gym supplies.

Not only will the gym be bigger, we have received access to the parking lot area for even more training space. (Stop thinking about what could be programmed out there. It’s too soon. Or is it?)


✅ Reign Fam Hospitality & Good Vibes

The Reign Facility is a place that we all share.


“It’s a place we go to for strength, to sweat, for encouragement, to learn, for unconditional support, to relieve stress, and to see friends & family.

The gym is like a second home and we create real memories there.”


Wherever we go, wherever it is – we want you to always feel like Reign is “YOUR” Gym when you walk in because it is. It is our goal to continue to provide a facility that represents this.


✅ An Upgraded Reign Experience

Along with the transition into a New Facility, we will also be revamping the Reign Nutrition Coaching Program, building a Reign Fitness mobile APP to provide a better communication platform for our member base, and focusing on creating a facility that delivers a great overall experience.


Yes, this will take time…

But it’s going to be worth it and we can’t wait to share it with all of you, The Reign Family!


The Vision


Our mission statement hasn’t changed since the very first session with our very first clients and it continues to shape the business, direct the Reign Fitness Team, and guide our community.

Mission Statement: Improve the quality of people’s lives through fitness, nutrition, and community.

And as we transition into The New Reign Fitness Facility,  we will continue to use this Mission Statement to navigate and structure the future for Reign.


“We want to continue to build and nurture a community that’s excited to live an active and fit lifestyle through…”

✅ High level coaching.

✅ High Energy classes that provide opportunities to work hard and stay goal oriented but also offer opportunities to learn and evolve your training.


✅ More involvement in our community and the Renton Highland Neighborhoods that we belong too. (Schools, organizations, businesses, youth groups, and sports leagues.)

✅ Reign Fitness Events that bring our community together outside of the gym. You know we love our events.


✅ Hosting Workshops, seminars, and providing more opportunities for Reign Fam Members to invest in themselves.

✅ Delivering Challenges, Team Events, and Programs that offer our community motivation, excitement, and opportunities to build real life relationships.




Reign Member Q & A

Our first priority is and has always been the Reign Family and we want to take the time to answer some questions that you might have below…


What will happen to my membership and pricing? 

Your membership and costs are grandfathered in and we have always and will continue to honor that as long as you keep the same membership. If you do decide to make any changes to your membership before we move, it will reflect current pricing. If it is done after we move, it will reflect new pricing.

Membership Pricing 

We are in the process of transitioning into a new pricing structure for different memberships and you will all be the first to know when that change is made but again, as long as you have an active membership with us now – your pricing will not change.


Will My Personal Training Sessions or Times Change? 

Personal Training Semi-Private Sessions and times will not change unless you are notified by your specific coach.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to them ahead of time.


Will the gym schedule change? 

Currently, we do not have any plans to make changes to the current gym/training schedule. However, we do have plans to add classes and programs as we are always seeking different ways to add more value.

We will release more details on new classes, class times, and specials when we get closer to our opening date (Early 2018)


Will Reign Fitness close? 

reign new facility

Our goal is to not miss any training days and although we don’t expect everything to go 100% according to plan (something usually always comes up)…

What we can do is promise you all that we will do our very best to make the transition over to our NEW HOME as smooth as possible.

Where Will The New Reign Fitness Facility Be Located? 

Again, we will announce the address once we have started construction in Fall 2017 but I can assure you that staying in the Renton Highlands area was a very big priority to us.

One of the reasons why we chose this new location was specifically because of it’s close proximity to our current space. (1-2 miles)

And as soon as we start construction, we will release the location of our new space.


How Can You Help? 

Moving is always a big undertaking and we may need your help, so please keep your eyes on the Reign Members Only Facebook Page for opportunities to help with the facility transition.


Keep doing what you’ve been doing.

✅ Keep Working Hard in classes and investing in yourselves because when we do that, we better everything and everyone around us.

✅ Never stop encouraging and motivating others in their fitness journey. One thing we’ve noticed about all of our members is that as soon as you come to Reign, you become an ambassador for health and fitness among your own networks and we absolutely LOVE THAT! 

✅ Share your story with friends, family, the world because you never know who you’re inspiring or helping take that first step. (think about who helped you take that first step with Reign)
Again, we want to say thank you to the Reign Family for all your support and we can’t wait to deliver an amazing new facility for all of us to enjoy!

*Keep your eyes peeled on social media as we will be keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on!

Grand Opening Specials and Offers

Grand Opening Specials

If you want to be one of the FIRST to hear about Limited Grand Opening Specials and New Membership Offers please fill out the following and you will be one of the first to know and have an opportunity to take advantage of the deals.

*Take a quick second to fill out the information below and we promise that you’ll be one of the first to hear about our Grand Opening Specials. 


Want to experience Reign before we move…

Email or select Trial Membership in the dropdown menu above. Mention that you saw this on this post and receive 25% OFF! 


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