In the world we live in today, we are constantly moving, checking off things on our “To Do” list and trying to fit our workouts in your busy life.

What most of us put on the back burner are the other things not listed in your everyday “To Do” list that help you recover. Here are 4 simple life hacks/tricks I use for recovery that make life just a little easier to squeeze in!

Life Hack #1

One of the best things you can do to help your body recover… SLEEP! Sleep is essential to recovery and weight loss! Your body repairs itself when you are sleeping.


Things to consider to help you fall asleep faster: when to stop your intake of caffeine and don’t use anything with blue light (e.g. cell phones, tablets, etc.) that prevent your brain from relaxing.


Life Hack #2

Lower back pain got you down? Don’t have a foam roller or lacrosse ball handy? You can use almost anything to help get deep down into your muscles that are tight and causing pain.


Some of my go to’s are a baseball bat and balls (tennis ball, baseball, softball, etc) that are easily accessible (especially with a baseball coach boyfriend!). Rolling on either one won’t be as soft as the tools that are available at the gym, but they will get deep down in there to help relieve some of the tension!


Life Hack #3

RICE! I know a lot of you have heard of the acronym RICE, but I am going to talk more about the grain version. Not only is it delicious and most people have it at home already, but it can be easily used to make a heating pad for those sore muscles!


Just use an old long sock, fill it with rice, tie the end and microwave. Quick and easy way to get some heat to those sore muscles!


Life Hack #4

Stretching is essential to loosen up the body and something that we all emphasize in class. This can also be easily forgotten. Something I have recently started doing was at night, while I am winding down from my day and watching TV, I stretch (same ones as what we do in class warm up) during the commercials.

I hold each stretch for the duration of one commercial, then switch when it is done. At the end of an hour show, you get in 15 minutes of stretching!


Coach Megan


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