For many of us, the summer usually means vacations, traveling, and finding creative ways to get your fitness in.


Here are 5 workouts that are travel friendly for our Reign Fam members spread out across the globe right now!

And for our Reign work travel warriors out there… Keep working hard, focusing on your health and fitness, and remember…

We are only one text, call, message, and post away!


The following workouts will require no equipment. 

Workout 1

“That’s Nasty” 

400m Run

21 Squats

21 Burpees

21 Situps

400m Run

15 Squats

15 Burpees

15 Situps

400m Run

9 Squats

9 Burpees

9 Situps

400m Run


Workout 2

“Snake Eyes”

EMOM x 10 minutes

Directions: Perform the exercises in the order listed for the set number of reps at the top of each minute. Use the remaining time as rest and recovery, start your next round at the top of the next minute and continue for 10 minutes. In the case that you can’t finish all the exercises in the minute, stop and start the exercises over from the first movement at the top of the next minute.

5 Pushups

15 Squats

Ab Finisher: 

20 seconds of work / 10 seconds break / 3 Rounds


Toe Touches

Side Plank Left

Side Plank Right


Workout 3

“Beauty In Simplicity”

Directions: Complete the reps listed in the rep range for the exercises listed. Start with 27 reps of squats, burpees, and situps, then 25 reps of squats, burpees, situps, and then 21 and so on.

Complete for time!






“The following workouts will require a little bit of equipment.”

Workout 4 

“No Time, No Problem”

*This workout will require a pair of dumbbells.

Directions: At the top of the minute, perform the exercise listed for the time range for the set number of reps listed. Find a rep range for the exercises that gives you 15-20 seconds of break every round. At the top of the next minute, start again. When you finish your exercise for the time range – start on the next exercise series for the next time range.


1-5 min | 5 DB Thruster  + 5-10 Burpees

6-10 min | 5 Pushups + 15 Squats

11-15 min | Situps x 15-25 reps


Workout 5

“The Foundation”

Directions: Complete the exercises for the set number of reps in the order listed for 5 rounds. Take your time warming up your deadlift and find a weight that you can comfortably do for 5 reps (use the prescribed weight as a reference).

5 rounds for time

Barbell Deadlifts x 5 reps (225/155) *scale weight as needed

OTB Burpees x 10

Situps x 15




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