committed club2

We are super excited that Committed Club in June 2017 was not only very successful but incredible to watch.

Remember that…

“Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness gains. The more you’re at Reign, investing in yourself and doing things like crushing EMOMS/drilling technique and form, the closer you are to your goals.”

To be a part of the committed club, you must check in and train at Reign, 20 times or more in one month.

committed club

And don’t forget that committed club isn’t just about getting better in the gym or doing doubles and triples so that you can get into the club…

It’s about so much more!

It’s about keeping you accountable to spend that 50 minutes to an hour each day in the gym so that the other 23 hours in your life, outside of the gym, can benefit from a healthier and fitter you!

And whether it’s keeping up with your kids, being able to enjoy the active things you like to do in the summer, or even if it’s about just looking better in clothes (or less clothes/like a swimsuit)…


We want to help you live life to the fullest!

“Work hard in the gym, so that you can be the best version of yourself outside of the gym.”

Didn’t make Committed Club this month? No Worries

Here are 5 tips to help you be consistent and find more ways to get in the gym and keep yourself accountable.

Tip #1 Look into other programs that we offer like Barbell Classes that will allow for more options and opportunities to get into the gym!

Tip #2 Plan, Schedule, Plan, Schedule.

Just by taking the time to schedule and game plan your training week can help you prioritize gym time, rather than prioritizing your schedule. If it’s important to you, make time for it and watch how it can influence every other aspect of your life.

Tip #3 Adjust your mindset from “Have to” to “Want to”!

So instead of saying, “You have to make it to 20 or more classes a month, say “I want to make it to 20 or more classes a month!” It really is incredible how much this little change can do for you attitude, your performance in the gym, and overall morale.

Tip #4 No Complaining Rule.

Deciding and committing to making it to the gym 20+ times a month is not easy! Just ask anyone who made the committed club in June. So you have to expect that it’s going to be challenging.

Complaining isn’t going to help you make the 20+ classes a month any easier, in fact it’s going to discourage you and bring negative vibes and I’m not down with that, neither should you be.

Ditch the complaining and find ways to stay positive.

Tip #5 Find more ways to apply your fitness outside of the gym or identify all the ways that your life benefits from just 1 hour in the gym each day.

Creating a list can help you identify how important your fitness grind is and chances are… it’s not just benefiting you! It’s benefiting everyone around you, your boss, your family, your kids, your significant other, etc.

Also, seeing gains in the gym is great but what’s even better is getting a chance to see your hard work pay off in the things you like to do including… Yard work, hiking, running, cycling, rafting, hanging out with the family at the park, washing the cars, etc.

Close-up of car's door cleaning

Put the Why? behind your fitness grind and watch your consistency sky rocket!

And because I know how challenging The Committed Club is to be in…

I want to take a second and say congrats to everyone who made Committed Club in June and also say that our entire Reign Coaching Staff is proud of you!

Super Committed Club 

Mi – 29

Jimmy – 28

Kathy – 27

Nicole G. – 27

Dawn – 26

Scotia – 25

Sonya – 25

Committed Club 

Daisy – 23

Joanna K. – 23

Sharmy – 23

Karen – 22

Samantha K. – 22

Seon – 22

Erika O. – 21

Jennifer W. – 21

Jessica Y. – 21

Joanna C. – 21

John L. – 21

Monica D. – 21

Andrea – 20

Holly – 20

Jennifer N. – 20

Ki – 20

Lori C. – 20

Marky – 20

Melissa F. – 20

Melissa W. – 20

Sarah L. – 20

Shasta – 20

Shilpa – 20

Susan – 20

Vanessa – 20

Victoria – 20

Wil – 20

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