Reign Referral Rewards

We are teaming up with Reign Fam member Loren and his company Ballard Vine Works to raise money for Cancer Research and Awareness in honor of Mayra this Saturday!

All the money raised and donations will go to Young Survival Coalition (

*YSC is the premier organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ballard Vine Works has contributed some amazing handcrafted pieces that will be available in silent auction style and given to the winners after the 8am MayraHERO WOD class! Ballard Vine Works creates some amazing handcrafted furniture and decor repurposed from Washington Wine Barrels. (Check them out

You might recognize some of their handiwork when you come into the gym…


Some of the auction items include…

– Sushi/Cheese Board (retail $40 Value)
– Charcuterie Board (retail $100 Value)
– 5 Ring Rack (retail $90 Value)
– Barrel ($100)
– Handcrafted Table ($400)


All of these items are currently displayed at Reign in the front retail area!

Our silent auction will start Wednesday and run until Saturday 9am. (Bidding closes at 9am) We will announce the winners at 9:10am and bid sheets will be available in the gym starting Wednesday!

Silent Auction Rules are Simple.

If you’re interested in bidding on an item…

Write your name, bid amount, and your email or phone number of where we can contact you!


*Check the minimum bid amount if you’re the first person to bid and the required bid increments for that particular item.

Be sure to keep checking the bid sheets for the item you want so that you are updated and have an opportunity to bid again before Saturday when we close the bidding.

On Saturday, we will announce who won the items and collect your bid donation.

You get to take your item home that day or if you’re not there, we will contact you to let you know when you can pickup the item.


We will also be accepting donations throughout the week if you’re interested in just donating in honor of Mayra.

Please grab a Reign Fitness Coach so that we can properly document and securely take your donation. This will also start on Wednesday!

Mayra Hero WOD

Don’t forget that we will be hosting 7am and 8am Mayra Hero WOD classes with the Reign Summer ’17 Challenge Results Party following at 9:15am.

Silent auction will end at 9am and winners will be announced at 9:10am!

Thank you Reign Fam for making this event truly special!

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