The Committed Club is something really special to us and we’re truly excited that we get to introduce it next month in June.

We decided to not only launch a Committed Club for Reign but to instill what it preaches into our gym’s culture. It’s a challenge for consistency and a way to acknowledge hard work put in every month.

Being a part of the committed club is an honor and a testament to fitness gains. The more you’re at Reign, investing in yourself and doing things like crushing EMOMS/drilling technique and form, the closer you are to your goals.

To be a part of the committed club, you must check in and train at Reign, 20 times or more in one month.

At the end of June, we will announce our very first ever honorary group to enter into the Committed Club along with the number of times they trained at Reign next to their name. And at the end of every Month, we will announce another group entering into the Committed Club (for that month) and everyone who repeated along with the number of classes they trained at Reign for that month.


In April 2017: Elmer Crushed it with 22 training sessions at Reign! (and it definitely shows. Big shout out to you Elmer!)


And in case you needed a little more motivation…

If you go 3 months in a row, you will receive an opportunity to select from our prize stash. (Gift Cards, Apparel, Supplements, etc.)

If you go 6 months in a row, we’re buying you something awesome like a custom jump rope, pair of shoes, or something like that.

If you go 12 months in a row…

You’ll enter the Reign Legends Committed Club and I’m still trying to think of an epic reward… (to be determined but it will be epic)

How Do You Get Started In June? 

  • Sign up for classes and check in before your workout.
  • Train hard and have fun.
  • Repeat for 20 times or more and you’re in! (easier said then done, I know.)


committed club2


June is right around the corner, are you ready to be a part of The Reign Committed Club?



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