Reign Referral Rewards

Reign Fitness started in a one car garage unit and grew from clients inviting friends to workout and sharing via word of mouth. Flash forward a few years and the only thing that has changed is we’re in a bigger facility and there’s more of us.

This is why the Reign Family and community literally is our greatest strength and we want to give back to all of you for doing what you do!

The Reign Referral Rewards Program is just a way for us to say Thank You!


The best part is…

You don’t have to sign up for anything or change your membership in any way, just keep doing what you do. Keep sharing your fitness journey with your friends, keep training hard, and keep sharing Reign when the opportunity comes up.

It’s Simple.

And if a referral or a friend decides to sign up for a Reign Fitness membership and join our Reign Community, we will credit your account $50 which can applied as a discount towards your next month or be used for any other Reign Fitness service.

*Referrals Rewards do not include Trial Memberships. They must sign up for a full membership however, if they choose to do a trial membership first and then sign up for a full membership, we will credit your account!

Refer 2 friends who sign up for a membership, receive a $100 credit. (3 friends = $150, etc.) 



The Reign Referral Rewards program is live starting today and we can’t wait to start giving back to you for giving our gym so much.

Thank You for being the best gym community ever and making our Reign Fam so Special!

We appreciate all of you very much.


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