As we head into week 2 of the Summer ’17 Challenge, I can’t express enough how amazing it is to see so many Reign Fam Members get excited to challenge themselves and take their fit journey to another level.

And with motivations high…

I wanted to take a quick second to share some tips that might help you along the way through the next, now 5 weeks. Please remember that some of these might work for you and some may not. My general rule is take what is useful and forget what isn’t.

However, you have to follow Tip #1 in the list below first before deciding that something isn’t working for you.

This fitness journey is different for everyone but the best part about it is we’re all in it together!


Here are my 5 Tips To Help You Crush The Reign Fitness Summer ’17 Challenge.

Tip #1 | Go All In


Too often, I see challengers go 70/30 maybe 80/20 when it comes to compliancy in fitness challenges like this Summer ’17 Fit Challenge.

They may finish all the physical challenges but miss a few nutrition challenges. They may even finish all the challenges but fall off on making it to classes.

They might even be an All Star and finish every physical & nutrition challenge but never get involved in the challenge community.

Whatever it is, without a full commitment, you’re selling yourself short.

There’s one common denominator in every successful Reign Fitness Challenger, they buy in 100%.

Go all in, because you deserve it.


Tip #2 | Lead Others 


A common misconception about challenges, even team challenges, is that they’re driven by individual effort.

Although this may be partly true, one thing I’ve noticed about members who see a lot of success and results in challenges is that they find a way to help motivate/encourage others. When you start leading from the front an interesting thing happens, you find a new motivation in your personal journey and another level of accountability.

Not only are you doing this challenge for yourself but your in it to help others with their journey.


You won’t slack because you know, they’re watching you for inspiration.


3. Trust The Process 


One important part of this journey is learning how to follow a program and trust the process. It’s common to see challengers get frustrated when they don’t see results after a week or two but remember, it often takes longer than this.

It takes your body 1-2 weeks to get used to cleaner foods, increased water intake, and more physical activity. Then it takes about another 2 weeks for your body to get used to the new routine but everyone is different so be sure not to compare yourself with others.

Give it time, stay consistent, and the results will come.


4. One Week At a Time


One very effective way to approach this challenge or any other fitness program is to compartmentalize it especially if it’s for 6 weeks or longer.

Sometimes treating each day as a brand new start can be too much so I suggest breaking things down into weeks.

If you did great last week, awesome job but start looking ahead and think about how you can make this coming week even better.

Had a rough start to last week, forget about it and move on. Review what happened, what was challenging, and focus on finding strategies that can really help you be successful.

The most important week is this week!


5. Don’t Leave Things Up For Chance

After talking with previous challengers about what was difficult for them and what they thought they could have done better…

Almost always the answer is, plan better.

Challengers who didn’t plan when they were going to do the challenges often times didn’t finish in time or got it in at the last minute. Most of these challengers expressed scheduling was the one strategy that could have helped them complete all the challenges. 

The Challengers who struggled with nutrition often expressed that they should have started meal planning and scheduling grocery shopping trips a lot earlier in the challenge.


We’re all busy with work, family, and life but it’s the challengers who schedule their priorities and not prioritize their schedules that end up doing really well in these Challenges.

Don’t leave things up for chance, plan!

BONUS TIP: “Use Your Coach”

This one is simple.

Your coaches are a fountain of knowledge, motivation, and inspiration.

Go talk to them, ask them questions, request homework, spend time with them!

Use your coach because they’re there for you!


Use the hashtag #ReignSummerChallenge or #ReignFitness on your photos for a chance to win some awesome prizes. We will start drawing pictures next week as winners and the more amazing pics you have the better!

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