I am sure you read the headline and probably thought to yourself, nope not for me.  Well give this read a few moments of your time before you completely write it off.

I love sleep just as much as anyone; if anything the way my schedule is I should be getting as much sleep as I can (I’ll save that post for another time).

Years before I began coaching I was the type of guy to workout in the evening.  It made complete sense, after a long day at work what a great time to go to the gym and release some stress from endless emails to sitting long hours, this was perfect.  I then realized I was way more tired, I was even more stressed thinking about what was for dinner, what activities did our family have going at that time, and happy hour just ruined any gym time.

“I made a sound decision if I am going to go to happy hour I better at least get my workout in. DONE AND DONE!!!”

5am workouts here I come, I was on a roll for a few days, super charged and motivated. That did not last long at all. I tried going to bed early, I tried setting my alarm earlier than usual to make sure I wake up.  Struggle after struggle but one thing I did not try was make my mind up that I was going to change.  I talked myself out of waking up.

“Oh well I’ll go later tonight” or “I’ll go tomorrow” And we all know where that leads us to know where.

It was all mental and I just took one day at a time, and if I did not make it I’d try and try again.  I was proud of myself, I realized I had much more of my day left without having the guilt of not working out.

alarmclock silhouette at sunrise cityscape

Now two years later I wake up daily at 3am, with one alarm but I have 6 alarms set (3:03; 3:05;3:07;3:15; 3:30) .  I workout early because I have no other time in the day to do so and I know that is when I will get the most of my workout rather than later in the day.

5 Benefits To Early Workouts 


1.  You Are Done

You can be proud of yourself and say I worked out this morning and have no worries.  The day is yours, you can have time for family, go grocery shopping (I wouldn’t advise during the evening), you can get your nails done, go to your kids soccer practice, work late (only if you’re getting paid OVERTIME), happy hour if you so choose.


2. Energy

By the time you have shook off the cobwebs, your brain and body is awake ready to take on the day.


3. Self-Discipline


You have created a habit of building a routine into your daily schedule, which hopefully spills over into the rest of your life.


4. Better Sleep

Up early, now your body (clock) has a sense of healthier fatigue possibly you go to bed earlier than usual having more time to sleep.


5.  Reach Your Fitness Goals

You are opening the doors to take control of what is important to you.  Making a sacrifice of sleeping in to wake up means you are dedicated to the journey to change your lifestyle and meet your goals.

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