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March was another amazing month for the Reign Fitness Family!

It was filled with so many laugh out loud moments, raising arms up in victory type of moments, and laying on the ground flat on your back kind of moments.

March tested us, challenged us, and pushed us to be better.

Thank you Reign Fam for making the most of March and keeping the energy high as we go into the pre-summer grind.

Stay focused on the goals you set for yourself (if you haven’t sat down with a Reign Coach to talk about Fit Goals this year, I highly recommend that you do) and don’t stop supporting each other because the Reign Fitness Family is our greatest strength!

“Let’s go April, Bring it on!”

March Accomplishments

Kortni: 85lb Push Press *PR

Elmer: 145lb Push Press *PR / 325lb Back Squat *PR

Mary: 255lb Deadlift *PR / First Double Under

Tom: 345lb Deadlift *PR

Angela: 190lb Deadlift *PR / 130lb Back Squat 10 Rep Max PR

Bernie: 170lb Deadlift *PR

Karen: 215lb Deadlift *PR

Sean: 315lb Back Squat *PR

Thavanh: 95lb Clean *PR / 135lb Back Squat *PR

Kathy: 115lb Back Squat *PR

Joanna: 145lb Back Squat *PR

Jessica: 205lb Back Squat *PR / 255lb Deadlift PR

Eileen: 165lb Deadlift *PR

Janet: 150lb Deadlift *PR

Esther: 175lb Deadlift *PR

Andrea: First 24″ Box Jump / 170lb Back Squat *PR

Justin: 265lb Back Squat *PR

Dawn: 155lb Back Squat *PR

Holly: 185lb Deadlift *PR

Janelle: 160lb Deadlift *PR

Jimmy: 315lb Deadlift *PR / 2,000m Row *PR 7:13

Mi: 340lb Deadlift *PR / 2,000m Row *7:24

Vicki: 185lb Back Squat *PR

Shasta: 115lb Back Squat *PR

Daisy: 200lb Deadlift PR

Daniel: 2,000m row 8:57 *PR

David: 2,000m row 7:24 *PR



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March Pictures

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