A positive attitude is important when it comes to progress, happiness, and balance in life.

However, having a positive attitude is easier said then done and we all know how negativity has a relentless way of creeping back into our lives.


In this post, I want to share with you “7 Tips To Stay Positive No Matter What Life Throws At You” and my goal is to give you real life applicable strategies that you can put into action today to get more positivity back into your life.

And if you’re Positivity Levels are Full…

Maybe you can share this with someone who might need it and help spread some good vibes.



Tip #1 | How You Start Matters


Starting each day, dreading the alarm clock and dragging yourself out of bed can be a tough way to kick off your morning.

Instead, try developing a morning routine that can help you build positive momentum as you complete each task.

Make sure to include things that help improve your mood and make you happy, like a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee.

Personal Tip: Start with only one or two things that help improve morning vibes. You’re more likely to stay consistent with them over a long period of time then if you tried to incorporate ten different things right from the beginning.


Tip #2 | Exercise Makes You Feel Damn Good

Exercising has an incredible way of improving your mood and making you feel damn good.

Not only are you taking action to improve your health and fitness…

Working out stimulates a lot of activity in the brain including: neural growth, reduced inflammation, and the release of endorphins (powerful chemicals that can help with energy and make you feel better).

Some other ways exercise can help you feel damn good:

  • Exercise can help boost energy and more energy can help you feel awesome longer! When you workout your body delivers nutrients and oxygen to tissues which can help improve your cardiovascular health. With consistency, this can help you perform activities longer with less fatigue and bring more energy into everyday life!
  • Working out can be fun and Social!
  • Exercise can help improve sleep and more sleep can definitely improve your mood. (If you’re not used to training in the evening, working out too close to bed time can make sleeping difficult sometimes.)
  • Exerting physical energy can help battle stress and tension allowing you to feel more calm.


Tip #3 | Hang Out With Positive People


Have you ever heard the quote…

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

This is why so many athletes who want to get better go and train with athletes better than them.


The same reason why if you want to get fit, you start hanging around people that are fit or share health and fitness goals with you. (Coach’s Perspective: Too often, I see people get held back by friends who don’t share health and fitness goals. Try sharing your commitment to personal fitness goals with friends to communicate how bad you want it and that you need positive support)

So, if you’re looking to be more positive, get away from negative people and go find some good vibes!


Tip #4 | Support Someone Else


It’s incredible what happens when you give someone a compliment. Their attitudes improve, they let out a big smile, and show gratitude.

What’s even more incredible is the chain reaction that starts with your compliment.

You start to feel good that you helped another person feel awesome about themselves and the good vibes just start to flow.

If you’re looking for positive vibes in your life, try sharing some first!


Tip #5 | Have A Game Plan For Negative Thoughts


When you start thinking negatively it’s important to have a strategy or what I like to call a Game Plan to counter back.

As soon as you realize your mood drop, negative thoughts, or just bad vibes…

Refer to a process that you put together and know will help you bounce back.

“I like to use a special music playlist that I specifically put together to help improve my mood, remind me that I can accomplish anything I put my heart into, and hype me up to do the best that I can.”

Remember, it’s not always about whether or not the process works but the fact that you’re actively trying to bounce back! Taking action pays off.


Tip #6 | The Negativity Diet

At Reign Fitness we spark Big Change with Challenges that not only push you outside of your comfort zones but also challenge you to commit.

We ask members to commit to change and often times that means following a nutrition protocol. If you want change, you hack your diet.


The same thing can be applied when it comes to being positive.

“If you want change, hack your negativity.”

Get rid of the negativity (the junk food) and make healthier choices to stay positive consistently. Go on a Negativity Diet for a set period of time and see how you feel!


Tip #7 | Be Grateful

One strategy I’ve adopted from my wife, who also happens to be an incredible Coach is to use an exercise that practices gratitude.


Every morning, she sits down and writes 3 things she’s grateful for.


Regardless of time, how busy she is, or even how long her to-do list is… She makes the time to write.

It’s a great way to not only start your day but also a great way to remind yourself that there are a lot of things to be thankful for.

My Personal Tip: Schedule this time in the morning into your calendar or ical to make this small moment a priority in your day. Make it a part of your morning routine and make an extra effort to be consistent in your first week or two.

You can even apply Tip#6 to this and try a 30 day Gratitude Challenge. Write 3 things that you are grateful for everyday for 30 days!


Bonus Tip: Take Action Right Now!

Start with the Positivity Tip that you feel 100% confident in being able to do and run with it. Keep what works, ditch what doesn’t, keep moving forward!



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