With tough workouts programmed each week and Reign Fitness members competing in the Open…

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about strategy, coach’s tips, and any insight into getting through tough workouts.

So, here it is!

Good luck to everyone competing in the Open for 17.2!


Make a Quick Game Plan


As soon as I see a workout on the board…

I’m game planning and taking mental notes about everything including:

  • What movements do I excel at?
  • What movements are challenging for me?
  • What movement will require me to focus more? How technical is it?
  • When can I break if I need to break?
  • Where is the halfway point?


But what is this information good for? 

Having the answers to some of these basic questions can better prepare you for the workout and help boost confidence, but just knowing is not enough. I’ve come to realize that going through the process of asking yourself questions and answering them is just as important.

“Just going through the process of formulating a quick game plan can help boost your confidence and lower anxiety.”


Then you make a Game Plan. 

Quickly go through the workout in your head and take notes on your:

  • Pace through the first couple minutes.
  • Identify where you’ll break for a quick breath if you need it.
  • Identify how long of a break you’ll take when you need it.
    • I like to give myself 3-10 seconds and count backwards from that number in my head to hold myself accountable to start on time.
  • Note the halfway point for mental motivation.
  • Lastly commit to finishing and giving your best effort.
    • I used to use a quick verbal commitment when I’d face a really long workout that looked tough! I’d quietly whisper to myself, “I’m going to finish this no matter what!” and it always seemed to give me a stronger drive that carried me through the challenging sections.

“It took away the option to quit because you signed on the dotted line to finish.”


If it’s a workout that you can prepare for… 


I definitely suggest utilizing visualization techniques that so many elite level athletes incorporate into their training.

This can help build confidence, calm anxiety, and help you rehearse the workout without having to expend physical energy.

“Mental imagery is a helpful tool that can help athletes focus on their strengths, build confidence and improve performance.” – Livestrong.com

Try this mental Confidence Building Exercise used by elite athletes to keep anxiety under control.

Learn to recruit confidence through taking big breaths, then visualizing any fears you have about your performance in the workout. Imagine each deep breath filling your body with confidence and slowly trap all your fears in a small mental bubble.

With each breath, confidence builds and the bubble (with all the negative thoughts inside) gets smaller until it’s gone.

Focus On Breathing


Breathing not only helps deliver oxygen to your body (extra necessary in a workout), it can help control your pace and increase the quality of your training/workouts.

Proper oxygen delivery to the body’s tissues can help sustain performance and help you train for longer durations of time.


Breathing Tip #1  |

Consider inhaling before the lift, then slowly exhaling through the lift.

The breath in before a lift creates tension in your diaphragm which can help stabilize the body through lifts. Focusing on exhaling when you exert force can help time your breathing so it matches your pace through the workout.


Breathing Tip #2 | 

If you’re doing a workout with intervals…

Take advantage of your rest periods by focusing on deep big breaths to help expedite recovery. You need to slow your heart rate and recruit more oxygen so that you can keep working hard!

Give Yourself Checkpoints For Mental Game Management


Giving yourself checkpoints in a workout can help you manage your energy more efficiently and help build mental momentum. (say that 10 times fast)

How you view the checkpoints can also play a role in how you manage positivity and motivation through the workout.

Ex. Instead of saying I have 75% more of this workout to complete. Consider saying I’ve already completed 25% of this workout.

How you say it counts!

Checkpoints serve as mini finish lines and as you cross each checkpoint, you gradually build momentum for a strong push to the very end.

This is a pretty simple strategy to utilize but one that helps so much.



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