February was an awesome month for the Reign Fam!

Not only did we finish our 30 day Challenge, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with an In Gym Throwdown, and then kicked off the Open with a brutal 17.1 workout last week.

(Big Shout out to everyone competing in the Open this year. Check out this post, 5 Tips To Help With Recovery from yesterday to help you with muscle soreness.)


But the Reign Fam didn’t stop there…

So many of you crushed PR’s, hit fitness goals, and killed it in the gym.

Check out some of the awesome accomplishments from this month!

February 2017 Reign Fam Accomplishments


Bernie: 100 Singles Unbroken

Wil: 335lb Deadlift PR, 2000M row PR 7:55, Back Squat PR 295lbs

Elmer: 345lb Deadlift PR, Back Squat PR 335lbs

Andrea: 8 Unbroken T2b

Dawn: 8 Unbroken T2b

Thavanh: 125lb Deadlift PR

Karina: 125lb Deadlift PR

Sarah: 10 Unbroken Hanging Knee to Chest

Kortni: First T2B

Seon: 500m row PR 1:56, Deadlift PR 205lbs, 5 Unbroken T2b

Mary J: 195lb Back Squat PR

Justin: 255lb Back Squat PR

Nate: 255lb Deadlift PR

Angela: 10 rep Max Bench 70lbs

Eileen: 10 rep Max Bench 65lbs

Sean: 335lbs Deadlift PR

Dj: 2000m Row PR 7:25

Tom: Back Squat PR 225lbs





Checkout our compiled list of FREE Reign Fitness workout posts here Reign Workout Posts Page. 

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Check out our $99 Unlimited ReignFIT Trial Month membership here or email info@bereignfit.com for more information. (Include: “ReignFam” in the subject line of the email and receive an additional 25% OFF your Unlimited ReignFIT Trial Month)

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