Reign Fitness members committed to a 30 Day Fitness Experience in January 2017, that would prove to challenge and push them beyond their comfort zones.


Worked through physical, nutrition, and bonus challenges.

Shared stories.

“Held each other accountable and supported each other unconditionally.”

Experienced an epic Valentine’s Day Throwdown.



Ran some miles…

Assault Biked their way to PR’s!


Mobilized together.



Chopped, grilled, cooked, tracked, and meal prepped.



Got friends involved and motivated to workout with them.


and most importantly…

Everyone had fun working hard, focusing on their fitness, and going though this process together as a community.

Thank you to everyone who participated and we truly hope that this momentum can help you accomplish all your health and fitness goals in 2017.


Challenge Facts

  • Over 50+ Challengers started this Challenge
  • Although not everyone completed a final weigh in, almost all members still completed their final challenges.
  • We had 37 members finish with a final weigh in.
  • Out of the 37 members who finished…

“There was a total weight loss of 230+ pounds and a total of 178 inches Lost!”


1st Place | Brian

Brian lost 15.6lbs and 16.25 inches in 30 days


2nd Place | Rebekah

Rebekah lost 8.8lbs and 5.5 inches in 30 days.


3rd Place | Sean T.

Sean lost 11.8lbs and 4 inches in 30 days.


Challenge All Stars

Erica D. : Lost 8.2lbs and 7.75 inches

Vanessa : Lost 10.6lbs and 9.25 inches

Bailey : Lost 7.2lbs and 7 inches

Kellie : Lost 14.6lbs and 7.25 inches

Angie T. : Lost 9.2lbs and 4 inches



We want to give a big shout out to both Sonya and PJ for contributing so much to this challenge. They not only led by example, but also showed consistent support for others, and always had a positive attitude throughout the challenge.

Thank you both for being awesome!




Big Thank You

We also went to say a Big Thank you to all of the Reign Coaches who were there for all of the challengers at the gym and online. Thank you for your commitment to leading our community!

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