This Saturday…

It’s time to Throwdown!

The first start time will be at 7:00 am and we will have heats every 10 minutes.

There will be 2 teams starting with each heat and each 2 person team will compete in 5 different events. Each event will have a 6-7 minute workout giving you 3-4 minutes of break between events.

Warm-up & Check In

Important Note: Athletes please remember to show up 15-30 minutes before your Heat Start Time to check in and warm-up.

There will be a coach near the front checking in teams to confirm start times.

Warming up will be on your own so please be sure to take time with your partner to throughly prepare for a fun workout.

After you start, please be sure to show up to your next event with enough time to meet your judge and listen to an overview of the workout.


Scoring & Judging 

Each team will be provided with a score sheet that they will take with them to each Event.

Once you get to the event, please hand the judge (there will be two judges at each event, one for each team) your score sheet.

  • Your judge will quickly touch base with you and your partner on the workout and the movement standards.
    • If you are scaling the workout please let your judge know before you start the workout.
    • If you scale a movement, please stick with that movement throughout the entire workout.
  • Judges will be counting reps and telling you when a rep doesn’t count. They will all be briefed on the movement standards, scaling options, and how to communicate no reps so that you can quickly adjust to meet the movement requirements.
  • Judges will also be tracking times in events with time scoring.
  • All of the judges are our very own Reign Fam volunteering and helping out with this Fun event so always Respect your judges. If you get a no-rep, don’t stop to argue, keep going and try your best!

After each event, your judge will track your scoring for that event and have one of your team members initial to confirm it.

Remember, to grab your sheet and take it to your next event.


Judges: Please arrive at 6:30am to go over your events and prepare for an awesome day celebrating the Reign Fitness Family! 


The Valentine’s Day Throwdown Events 


Event 1

Event 1 will be a 6 minute max calorie assault bike.

  • One partner will bike for 3 minutes before you switch.
  • While one partner is biking, the other partner will be hanging from a pull-up bar on the rig. Arms must be fully extended and both feet must be suspended in the air.
  • Partner A, on the bike, can only work as long as Partner B is hanging from the bar. If Partner B drops down from the bar, Partner A must stop biking and can only Bike once Partner B is back hanging from the bar.

At minute 3…

The time does not stop but Partner B must quickly switch with Partner A.

  • Partner B will start biking for max calories once Partner A is hanging and until the time limit ends at 6 minutes.


Event 1 | Your score will be the total number of calories biked in the 6 minutes.

Event 1 Movement Standards

Hanging from the Pull-up Bar. 

2014 Games Open standards

Event 2

Event 2 will be a 6 minute workout broken into 2 parts.

Part 1 has a 4 Minute Time Cap and will be…

  • 20 Alternating Partner Dynaball Situps
    • 10 Dynaball Situps each.
    • You will work with the 1 Dynaball weight the entire time.

Then 4 total rounds (2 rounds each) of…

  • 10m sprint down to rig
  • 10 Wall Balls
  • 10m sprint back


If you finish before the 4 minute time cap, the remaining time will be yours to rest and recover.

At the 4 minute mark… 

You will have 2 minutes to complete as many Wall Balls as you can.

  • Only one partner can work at a time.
  • Don’t forget to initial your score sheet before taking it to the next even.

Event 2 | Your score will be the total reps of Wall Balls you complete as a team.

*We will have all Dynaball weight options for you to pick from. Please let your judge know what weight your team will like to work with. 

Event 2 Movement Standards

Dynaball Alternating Situps 


  • Both hands must be on the dynaball throughout the situp motion.
  • The dynaball must be received while you are in a seated position.
  • The ball will travel overhead to the bottom of the situp where we must see your butt, back, and the ball touch the ground before coming back up.
  • The ball must alternate back and forth from each partner after every rep.


Wall Ball



  • In the Wall Ball, the dynaball is held throughout the squat motion and then thrown up towards either a 9 foot or 10 foot target. (women/men)
    • Scale Option 1: Dynaball Thrusters
      • Arms must fully extend at the top part of the motion while holding on to the dynaball.
    • Scale Option 2: Dynaball squats
  • Hip crease must be below knees at the bottom of the squat movement.
  • Ball must hit target to complete rep.

Event 3


Event 3 will be a 6 minute synchronized AMRAP.

Complete as many rounds as possible of the following exercises for the set number of reps and in the order listed …


5 Burpees

10 Situps

15 Squats


Burpee Movement Standards

  • You must both be standing at the top of the burpee with your hips extended and pushed through.
  • At the bottom of the burpee you must both have your chest touching the ground at the same time.


Sit-up Movement Standards

  • At the top of the sit-up, you must both be sitting up with your shoulders stacked over the hips at the same time and then touch your shoes to complete the rep.
  • Both your backs and butts must be touching at the same time at the bottom of the situp.


Squat Movement Standards

  • You must both have your knees and hips extended at the top of the squat at the same time.
  • At the the bottom of the squat, you must both have your hips go below knee crease at the same time.


Event 2 | Your score will be the number of rounds you complete in the 6 minute time cap. We will also record any additional reps you complete into the next round for tie breakers.


Event 4



Event 4 will be a 7 minute max distance row.

  • Both partners will work at the same time on the rowers.
  • Please make sure you take a second before you start to check the damper setting on the rower so it’s set to your preference. Judges will not be able to help you change the damper once you start.


Event 4 | Your score will be the combined total distance of both members on each team.

Event 5

Event 5 will be a 500m row for time and take place at the beginning of Event 4.

  • The first 500 meters in Event 4 will be timed and then scored separately as another event.
  • We will take the average of both team members times.
  • Tip: Strategize with your partner and play to your strengths.


Event 5 | Your score will be the average first 500m time from both team member’s row in Event 4.


We are so excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day and see everyone compete!

If you’re by Reign or in the Renton area, please come out and show support to all of the participants. Come by, watch some events, and cheer some Reign Fam on.

CHALLENGERS: Once you finish, please don’t forget to turn in your Sheet with your last Judge. Also, don’t leave right away if you don’t have to. We would love for you to stay and cheer on other Reign Fam participants!


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