Being an athlete is amazing and I love training every day.

I wake up every morning around the same time and I start my day offby counting my blessings…

  1. Thankful for my family
  2. Thankful for the opportunity to be a Crossfit Athlete
  3. Thankful for being able to motivate and influence the people around me

And the list can go on.

After getting ready I eat my breakfast and then go to the gym so I can get my training in and then after that I either coach clients/classes or even go to my second job.

“The thing people don’t really get to see is when I struggle or have “bad days”.”


There can be tough times in this fitness journey…

I’ve had days where I don’t want to workout because I’m not motivated or I am tired and I have been going through a lot because life knows how to throw those curveballs and at the worst times it seems.

“There are even times where I don’t want to eat right and just want to eat pizza and doughnuts. (Not in that order though lol)”


There are a few things that will always keep me moving forward when I start to think about it:

  • Where I first started
  • The people that believe that I can make my dream come true.
  • My past experiences in life that have only made me stronger

Having struggles in life is normal… It’s what you do to get over them that really matters.


“Making a list of what motivated you to start in the first place can help get you through those tough times.”

It’s a great idea because once you’re in that hardship all you have to do is refer back to to your list and I’m almost positive that you will be feeling better.

Always remember that this is a process and not everything happens quickly. You’ll most likely be faced with some trials that will test you, stay strong and keep your motivations close. 


Coach Jodeci

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