Every Thanksgiving, Reign Fitness holds a Throwdown to challenge members with an awesome workout before turkey day feasts!

This year is no exception and we’re excited to see all of you, The Reign Fit Fam, come out to sweat and work hard!

You will be able to sign up for this event at Reign and in the members page as you see the post go up.

*Please make sure to receive confirmation of your start time from a coach to ensure that you have secured your spot.

Start times will be every 10 minutes and will have 4 athletes per heat.


Start Times Will Be Every 10 Minutes Starting At 7am

7:00am: 4 spots

7:10am: 4 spots

7:20am: 4 spots

7:30am: 4 spots

7:40am: 4 spots

7:50am 4 spots

8:00am 4 spots

8:10am 4 spots

8:20am 4 spots

*We will add more heats as necessary!


The Thanksgiving Throwdown Workout

0-4 Minutes | Max distance row

*1 Minute Break

5-9 Minutes | 4 Minute AMRAP


Kb deadlift High-pulls


*1 Minute Break

10 Minute Mark | Complete For Time


Calories Assault Bike


Toes To Bar (Scaled: to Hanging Leg Raises)



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