We couldn’t be more happier then to have Mi has our November 2016 Reign Fitness Member Of The Month!

She’s one of the nicest and hardest working people that I know…

And no matter what, she’s always smiling and ready to help.

Mi leads by example and can help change the entire dynamic of a class just by being in it – so thank you Mi for being such an amazing member here at Reign. We appreciate you so much!

Name: Mi Cho
Age: 30
Occupation: RN

1. How long have you been training at Reign? When did it all begin? Why Reign? 

I’ve been training at Reign since September 2015. I tried out Reign and another gym in the area. I chose Reign because the environment was welcoming and Ranger was there to greet me.

2. Tell us a little about yourself. What’s a Day in the life of Mi? 

Get up at 5… feed the cats n dogs… start work at 6… drop the dogs off at daycare… end work at 2… train at Reign… pick up the dogs… feed everyone… Repeat the next day.

3. What has been your biggest accomplishment(s) here at Reign? 

Deadlift PR… and getting Jimmy to attend ReignFIT classes.

4. Share your favorite memory so far at Reign. 


On 11/5 I got to experience my first crossfit type competition in Bellingham with the ladies of Reign. The energy and fire was incredible and I can’t wait to experience it again.

5. First CD you bought and Favorite Movie of all time. 

Backstreet Boys. Remember The Titans.

6. You came from the East Coast, share your story. Where were you born? Where did you live? Why did you move across the country to Washington? 

I was born in South Korea and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I lived in Astoria, NY for a few years with my three cats before buying a house in New Jersey. Two years later, we threw the dogs in the front seat, the cats in the rear, and bunny and hamster in the backseat and drove out here because Robin accepted a job with Amazon.

7. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? 


Ability to speak to animals so I can find out why my dogs act the way they do.

8. What’s your favorite exercise, workout, movement and why? What’s your least favorite and why? 

Favorite movement: front squats and deadlifts. I feel strong doing them.

Least favorite: Lunges and split squats. They suck.

9. What would be the title of your autobiography be? Why? 

Sweet’n Sour. It was my pledge name in college.

10. What’s your spirit animal? 

Honey Badger.

11. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their fitness journey? 

Surround yourself with supportive people, trust the process, dig deep, and don’t give up.

12. Who is your Hero? Why? 


Everyone I do barbell class with; Jess, Vicki, Andrea, Austin, and Chris. You guys are awesome and motivate me to do better.

13. What was your dream job when you were a kid? 

Librarian. Boring, I know.

14. What are your hobbies outside of Reign? What do you do with Robin and the pups? 


We read together and take the pups to the dog park. I enjoy doing mud runs especially Spartans and I can’t wait to do another Trifecta next year with Jimmy and anyone else who wants to join!

15. How many animals do you have? 


Currently I have 3 cats Snowball, Midnight, and Raja. 2 dogs Bella and Rocco. Hamster and bunny Cooper passed away.

16. How would you spend a billion dollars? 

I’d buy a ranch and run a senior dog sanctuary.

17. What is your most frequently used emoji? 

: ) 

18. What’s the last thing you searched for on Google? 

Bars near Renton.

19. What’s your favorite kind of food? 


20. What are your future health and fitness goals you wish to accomplish at Reign? 

To work on my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.


Fill In The Blank… 

I Love… animals

I Am… crazy

I wish… for a Tibetan Mastiff

I eat… anything with coconut

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