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Welcome to Part 2 of our 40 Day Reign Fitness Team Series Challenge Success Stories!

If you haven’t been following this series…

Reign Fitness held a 40 Day Team Series Challenge that was extremely successful where 4 teams combined lost a total of over 560 pounds.

This series is to help share their end of challenge success stories to help motivate you, celebrate their accomplishments, and also give all of our challengers an opportunity to go back and remind themselves of how amazing they are.


You can get caught up on Part 1 of The 40 Day Reign Fitness Challenge Success Stories & Reflections Here. 

Chris S.

Day 40.

I made it, this challenge was crazy. Trying the paleo diet, staying active, physical challenges. All of it was great, well except the fact that I had to run 5 miles straight….but i finished it. All the coaches at Reign are amazing, even if they weren’t my team coach they were willing to help and assist in any way that they could.

“This gym is more then just a gym, its a family.”

Everyone there welcomes you with open arms and doesn’t judge you. I thank Megan for bringing me here just under a year ago. As for this challenge, paleo what can I say about you…. um, im not a huge fan. haha. Too many restrictions that took me a while to overcome.


“Over 40 days, I lost a total of 13 pounds.”

No where close to as much as I I had hoped to lose but enough to allow me to hold my head high and accept that I might not have been perfect on this paleo lifestyle, but I was still able to lose weight and learn some benefits of this lifestyle. I couldn’t have finished without my teammates or my wife.  Dodithank you for struggling through this and helping me with all the different cooking restrictions. I love you.  

Albert and Nemesia you guys are amazing, you truly built a community at Reign. I appreciate everything you guys sacrifice for the gym and for all the members. Thank you again to all the Reign family, coaches, and of course the best teammates ever …… #teamusualsuspects #reignfitness40


Kathy V.

Day 40

Lately, my niece and nephew have been into the Trolls soundtrack. One song that really stuck to me was Get back up again by Anna Kendrick.


“Hey, I’m not giving up today. Theres nothing getting in my way. And if you knock knock me over. I will get back up again Oh! If something goes a little wrong. Well you can go ahead and bring it on. Cause if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again. I’m marching along i got confidence I’m cooler than a pack of peppermints..”

I asked them why do they like this song so much. Their response, “it’s means don’t give up! Always try again no matter what and if you fall get back up and try again! 😊💕

Reflecting back on the 40 day challenge. There were times where I wanted to called it quits. There were time when I told myself I couldn’t do it. I know to get out of that mind set and get into zone. I had to tell myself it’s only for 40 days, you can do it!! Progress is better than no progress and it doesn’t happens over night. This is my time to shine! 🌟

Everyday I feel stronger and better. “Progress not perfection.” My Co-workers, family and friends thinks I’m crazy to wake up at 4am MWF and on Saturday at 6am just for a morning workout. To me, it’s not just A morning workout! It’s lifestyle. It’s healthy living. It’s what I want to do! I’m dedicated and motivated.

Thank you for my #cerealkillers teammates! Love how each and everyone motivate each other. Thank you coach Willie, Mesha,Megan for pushing me and Albert for not stacking the challenges. Thank you to my boyfriend who washes ALL the dishes while I meal prep for us and your support! I will continue my journey to be stronger!

“Today i am down 20.2 Pounds!”

Andrea S. 

Day 40
I still remember day 1 feeling the excitement of the new Team challenge at Reign wondering what we had in store for the next 40 days. I remember being hungry but trusting the process and knowing it would all be worth it at the end. Some obstacles I faced was that stupid scale that can be so mean at times but pushing past a Number and knowing I was fueling my body with quality food and working harder at the gym. I probably felt sore every single day during this challenge and I wouldn’t change that. I have seen a huge improvement during barbell class with my endurance and I know it was due to the challenge.


“I’m proud of my hard work and never giving up even when it felt like we were faced with an uphill battle our team rose to every occasion and represented Team Usual Suspects in the best way possible.”

Shout out to the entire team starting with Jessica who kept us organized and gave us so many resources to be successful as well as being a leader.

Thavanh for working hard no matter her injury she never used it as an excuse but executed every challenge. I’m so proud of you and what you have accomplished.

Jennifer L. for motivating her entire family and being an amazing Mom that as we all know juggled many hats.

Chris my Barbell brother always sending me snaps and making sure we held each other accountable. You are a beast and I know you will continue to crush your goals!

Jennifer W. I love that you are always smiling and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. You are a great example to Chloe.

Jimmy H. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and being an enforcer who made sure we didn’t lose track of the finish line.

Wil Saguilla S. Member of the Month as a father and husband you lead your family by example and that is something that isn’t taught. You are always so positive and encouraging in and outside of the gym.

Maria who I got to work out with quite a bit and love that this challenge brought us closer. You are always so pleasant and goofy and I love that.

Jonah for being her first challenge did amazing and was so supportive to Wil by helping him with the nutrition piece.

Eilleen wow what a super star you are I love that you never gave up and faced every challenge with a positive attitude that is infectious.

Janet you represent Team Mom very well and although we didn’t get to work out together as much it was nice to see you more.

Nathan you are hilarious I love reading all of your posts and comments. I’m glad we got to know you better and WOW you are looking lean mean.

And last but not least Coach Willie Seals THANK YOU for being you! Your energy level never went dull and you supported us. I loved that you willingly did the challenges with us and opened up your home to all of us.

You all are an extension of my family and I’m sad that this is over. Please keep reaching out as I would love to stay in touch with you all.

“I love REIGN and this by far was one of my favorite challenges I participated in the 2 years I have been here.”


Brett S. 

My reflection on the challenge:

Believe it or not, I am a little sad to see this challenge come to an end. I learned so much about my strengths and weaknesses over the last 40 days. The first week or two I was dreading the challenges. By the final week I would wake up in the middle of the night (usually to use the restroom from all that water drinking) and the first thing I would do is see what the next challenge was.


“For me, the turning point was the assault bike. Being able to conquer that gave me a ton of confidence in my abilities. The challenges were no longer a chore but a new opportunity to push myself.”

This will be huge as I continue on my journey and train for my first half marathon. 

I am so incredibly proud of every single person on this team. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in the sequel (because all good superhero movies have a sequel)!


Victoria Y. 

My reflection on this 40-day challenge:

“It’s about progress, not perfection.” This is the mantra I would repeat to myself every day for the last 40 days. It was the only way that I could get myself to keep trying when I felt like I was failing in every way possible. Over the last 40 days, I’ve spent a lot of time disappointed in myself for not finishing WODs faster, being 100% paleo compliant, going to more ReignFIT classes, losing more weight, etc. I focused on so many things that I could’ve/should’ve been doing better—more perfect—instead of celebrating my progress. 

“I busted my ass for the last 40 days. I ate (mostly) clean and trained hard (sometimes multiple times a day). I ran a mile in under 9 minutes. I did 506 squats in 17 minutes. I did 50 double-unders unbroken. I went undefeated when my women’s tennis team played at our National Championships at the beginning of the month and am preparing to compete at the national level with my mixed doubles team next month. At the end of 40 days, I am down 6 lbs. I look and feel strong. I am proud of the body that I see when I look in the mirror because I put in work to make it look that way.”


In completing this 40-day challenge, I learned to embrace the process through its ups and downs. I had days where I felt unstoppable and days that I cried because the weight on my shoulders (both literally and figuratively) felt heavier than I remember it ever feeling. I told myself for 40 days (and continue to tell myself every day) that I am enough—that I am trying my best and that is enough. So, cheers to progress, not perfection.

P.S. Shoutout to my big sister Jessica Young for introducing me to the mantra that carried me through this challenge from Day 1. She knows more than anyone what kind of crazy perfectionist standards I hold myself to. Without her, I wouldn’t have even attempted paleo.


Thanks Jess, for always being patient with me and praising my progress even when we were on different teams. I love you 



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