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Our 40 Day Reign Fitness Team Series Challenge was a huge success!

As we compile scores and await results at the Challenge Finale Party this weekend…

I wanted to share some of the reflections/testimonials from the Reign Fam who was in the challenge.

It’s ridiculously motivational and equally inspiring.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge, we are extremely proud of all of you.



Sarah L.


Today marks the official end of the Reign Fitness 40 Day Challenge. While I started the 40 days confident in my ability to complete the physical challenges, I was concerned about going Paleo for 40 days and giving up all the foods I ‘needed’. This challenge forced me to be honest with myself and see that I really needed to do something different to get the results I wanted.

“I found that a lot of those ‘needed’ foods were really ‘wanted’ foods none of which will help me achieve my goals and allow me to be a better version of myself.”

I’ve been totally pushed out of my comfort zone by this challenge and so incredibly grateful for everyone who participated in this and supported me along the way. Sure, I lost a little weight but I’ve also done so much more than I could have ever imagined at the start of these 40 days. I look forward to continuing this journey and can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Love to you all 🙂


Marky K. 

Day 40 Reflection

This past 40 days has been fun and hard all at the same time. The Paleo Diet was the hardest nutritional challenge to date. Mainly because I had to travel during the challenge and I realized just how bad as Americans we eat.

“When I’m at home preparing my food I have complete control over what I eat but when you travel and don’t have the ability to cook it’s an eye opener.”

It tested my dedication, commitment to my team and my strength.

At times I’m sure my friends wanted to curse me out because I was grouchy because I was put in situations where I couldn’t eat what was being offered or had to settle on a damn salad (I’m sorry salads with cold chicken is gross). But at the beginning of the year I made a commitment to myself that I would try harder than ever before to get most of this weight off.

I’ve been doing this for 2 years now and I’ve come very far but the up and downs can mess with your head. So I gave this challenge 100%. I’ve developed a better relationship with food and a better appreciate for myself and my body. You have no idea how hard it was to stick to this Paleo diet when you are traveling….many prayers and God.

“At the end of the day I lost 11.5 lbs, 3 inches in my waist. and starting to see some muscles peeping through. I must say that’s pretty damn good for 40 days.”



First let me say that Team Nemesis (Sarah, John, David, Jessica, Shasta, Karo, Miguel, Bernadette, Mi, Mary, Dawn, Elmer and Coach Nemesia) best team ever! We all just meshed and got it done! I would sign up for a team with any of you again. The level of determination on this team is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this challenge.

Elmer, my brother, you are a giver and for that I appreciate you more than you know. Love you!

Mary and Dawn, My family, I was so excited when we found out we were on the same team. Thank you for constantly checking in on me and letting me vent.

Daisy, Beautiful, girl you keep me going! The most encouragaing and motivating person I know. Thank you for our friendship.

Felicia and Ericka, you were on a different team but the daily check in’s and kind words. And Twin, you are just amazing. Doing 110 things yet cooking for us all.

Albert, that conversation you had with Daisy and I at the begining about eating real food versus packs of apple sauce etc changed the game for me. Thank you for getting on us like your suppose to. I’ve tried some apples that I never would have tried, lol.

And Nemesia, my friend and coach. I love you girl! You’ve pushed me to heights I can never explain. Thank you for being there through my struggles. Without you none of this would be possible.

“ReignFit Family, you guys are awesome! The best gym I’ve ever been too.”



Sergio V. 

What can you get done in 40 days?

For some people that’s a month and change going about life as usual, accepting things the way they are. For others it’s a chance to change their life and reach their goals.

Which one are you?

I hate to admit it but I was the type to accept things the way they are. I ate what I wanted and rarely exercised. All the while thinking, “I need to get back into shape.”

“I was stuck in that rut for a good 7 years.”

Hating myself for not pulling the trigger to reach my goal but at the same time I was ok accepting mediocrity. Mediocrity made me feel safe, I couldn’t fail if I didn’t try. How wrong I was, by not trying I was failing.

Then Lauren M. Valdez and PJ Valdez introduced to the Reign family, it literally changed my life. I started at Reign a month before our 40 day challenge. It was painful at first but after awhile something stranger starting to happen, I started to really enjoy it.

When the 40 day challenge started I knew it would be tough with the nutritional and physical challenges. But what made it easier was all the support I had from my team, and what surprised me even more was the support from the other teams! Finishing our challenges after a workout or motivating each other via facebook, I could count on everyone from the coaches to the members to push me to that next level.

“When I started the challenge I weighed 246lbs and my goal was to lose 15lbs. I hit that goal on the 20 day mark. So I said screw it, let’s aim for 25lbs. As of today, at the end of the challenge, I have lost 27lbs down to 219lbs and I’ve never felt this good.”

Now that the challenge is almost over the real challenge is about to begin. Maintaining the momentum, keeping up with the new life style changes, and most importantly never giving up on my goals.

Thank you to the Reign family for all the support, love, and motivation! You truly are the best! I hope all of you know that I truly believe in every single one of you and you will have my support no matter what.

So, what did I get done in 40 days?

“I changed my life for the better and I’m god damn proud of myself.”

Pictures speak a thousand words. (When I first joined Reign, 20 days after the challenge, and the end of the challenge)




Jessica T.

I have always been the type of person to do things for everyone else and ignore my own personal needs.

“Last December I made a choice to join Reign fitness and get my fitness on. I have since lost 63 lbs and am much stronger.”

Over the last 40 days I have been part of this Paleo Challenge and have a much different relationship with food than I did previously. I look at food (mostly) as fuel. I also am very aware of how things I put into my body affect me.

In the last 40 days I have lost 22 lbs but more importantly, I have realized that I am not the same person. I can do things in moderation and find time in my overly busy life for ME!!!

In addition, I have seen my husband Frank become much more responsible for his own health and nutrution which takes a big burden off of me. I have also found what exercises I am more apt to do and also which ones I will probably never engage in if I can help it. 


Overall this has been a way for me to understand how to become the most healthy version of ME! #reignfitness40




Another one in the books, #ReignFitness40. 40 Days, clean eating and working out, done!…Or is it? I’ve been working out with Albert Park and Nemesia N Ramolete for a long time, I don’t think I’ve ever skipped one of their group challenges, why? Well, for now, its for Emi and Rei, just a way for me to hit the reset button on all the crap I’ve been putting into my body and a way to keep my Blood Pressure and cholesterol in check. Not getting any younger, just gotta get smarter with my body. 10 years ago I would’ve been wanting to get in shape for Jitsu comp (might get back into it), but now I want to lay the ground work for a long and Healthy life with these little-annoying loves of my life. That and be their motivation and inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle.


Thanks everyone at Reign Fitness, all the members and all the coaches. Truly a remarkable gym. And to everyone else out there, go out and get active, be the role model for your little one.

And if anyone else wants to join, we’re always happy helping people reach their goals.








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