Once or twice in our lifetime we were tiny little beings with not a care in the world, exploring, touching, smelling, tasting, and seeing. We were curious of what that small shiny thing was on the ground; we would pick it up to examine it, feel it, then boom maybe think it taste good.

Our view to the ground was wonderful and amazing our parents were way up high but we were so far below with much more to do. If we wanted to see what our parents did we would climb as high as we could to see what the fuss was about.  But our enjoyment was right below our feet, it was the ground we stood on, crawled on, slide on (if you had wooden floors), or Squat on, it was our “play-ground”.

Now as an adult very later in life what is our “playground”?


Rarely do we get as low to pick something up unless it’s that very last peanut M&M we dropped (no not during this challenge). But we barely want to bend over to get that. What used to be so natural to us as children/toddlers is foreign to us as adults.

Over the years we lost that ability to squat freely without a moan or groan, “snap, crackle, pop,” or a wince of pain. We also lost the fulfillment of what we define as our own “playground”. It has has been defined for us with long work hours, desk jobs, sitting in traffic, and sitting watching tv.

I watch my boys (8 & 3 yr old twins) at the park or in sports and their ability to move freely carelessly made me envy them.


“I want their energy, their joy, their flexibility all over again.”
As humans we were naturally built to move our bodies from one direction to the next freely. Now we must work hard and intentional to get there, through functional movements such as squatting. It’s more important as our limbs shorten and we lose our flexibility – that we focus on doing the small things such as mobilizing, working on form, understanding our own bodies and how they move.


In the picture you’ll see how we used to be; playing and squatting freely. Notice the points of performance of how we should squat. This is my goal and it should be yours too!


– Coach Willie

Thanks for reading but  before you go.

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