img_3308’s definition of determination is…

“The act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose.”

There is something with this description that doesn’t sit well with me. This definitely does not capture what DETERMINATION really takes.

To break down’s definition, “the act of coming to a decision” is something that starts the process of becoming determined.

The part that is unsettling is their last part of the definition where it says “settling a purpose.”

We use the this word to describe the repeated action of the individuals in this team and everyone at Reign that has made their own “act of coming to a decision.”

But it does’t stop there.

We don’t settle.

We don’t just “fix” something or one thing… we press on and continue to pursue larger goals.

We use our goals and determination to fuel the fire within ourselves to keep going when things are tough. Giving all that you got in every workout everyday.  It is what gives you the strength when you feel like you can’t go any longer.

My definition of determination can’t be defined in a single sentence.

It’s something you experience after making the initial act of coming to a decision. The thing that drives you to keep working towards your goals every single day.

It’s the thing that lights the internal fire.

It’s the thing that never stops until you reach your goals, then when you reach them it drives you to your next goal/s.

That is my definition of determination.

What drives you?


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