Challenge 3

Part 1: Physical

Complete a 3 mile run/walk.

Proof: Submit your time and a picture of you. You can also include a picture of your course via GPS map. In order to track your distance, you can utilize a FREE app such as Map My Run.

Part 2: Nutrition

Drink at minimum 1 oz of water of 1/2 of your total body weight up to 1 oz per pound of body weight for 5 days.

Ex. Bodyweight 100lbs | Drink at minimum 50oz. of water

Proof: Submit the at minimum total oz. of water you will be required to drink at the beginning of the week with your coach. Then submit 5 pictures in a collage format of you drinking water.

Part 3: Team Series Challenge

This week will be an attendance challenge.

Your team can win up to an additional 10 points if all team members go to the gym for a class or training session for 4 days this week.

Proof: Submit the days that you were at the gym to your coach in your team pages.

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