Reign Fam, It’s Finally Here!

This September 12th we are looking to Reign Fitness core values like community, team, and family to help inspire our Annual Fall Fitness Challenge.

The “Stronger Together | Rise As One” Team Series Challenge has not only been highly requested but in the making for over 1 year.

This year’s challenge will be team focused while still emphasizing individual performance and hopefully inspire all of our members from those who just started to our 5+ year veterans.

If you think this challenge isn’t for you, you played yourself.

This Challenge is For You – If YOU… 

  • Have weight loss goals.
  • Want to gain lean muscle.
  • Need extra motivation.
  • Want more accountability in your fitness journey.
  • Crave a team atmosphere.
  • Want to motivate others.
  • Need to kickstart your nutrition.
  • Want to challenge yourself.
  • Have been stuck in a plateau with your results.
  • Want to improve your cardio and endurance.
  • Need support from others.
  • Want to help lead other Reign Family.
  • Are looking to have fun.
  • Are competitive.
  • Are not competitive.
  • Want to experience the Reign Family at it’s best.
  • Want serious results.
  • Fill in any reason… I know you want in!


Stronger Together | Rise As One Challenge Details 

Price: $50 for Members / $250 +tax Non-Members

***Special Significant Other Rate*** If you are currently a member and have a significant other who is interested in the challenge, we will be offering a special member rate for them. Please email info@bereignfit.com to get them set up for this.

Start Date: September 12th, 2016

End Date: October 21st, 2016

Total Duration: 40 days

Last Day to Register: September 9th, 2016 by 6pm


What’s Included: 

  • Entry Fee into Challenge
  • Access to Unlimited ReignFIT Classes
  • Access to Private Challenge Facebook Group Page
  • Access to Private Challenge Facebook Team Group Page
  • Nutrition Manual Resources
  • Stronger Together | Rise As One Team Series Challenge Results Party


How Does It Work?

Sign up for the Challenge, get your payment confirmed, and submit your official pre-challenge weight (by September 9th, 2016 6pm).

  • Teams will be selected in a systemized but random order and assigned to a Coach and team.
  • Coaches will have 1 trade each that they can use with another team.
    • You will be notified as soon as your team roster is complete by your coach.
    • You will also be given access to both our main “Stronger Together | Rise as One” Facebook Group Page along with your Team Page (Your Coach will be the admin for this page)
    • You will also receive a link to download our Paleo Nutrition Manual and other resources.
  • The Challenge will start September 12th with the announcement of your first physical/nutrition/or combination of both challenge.

“The rest of the challenge is a combination of meal prep, working out, sweating, having fun, eating real food, ReignFIT/Barbell Classes, overcoming obstacles, planning, interacting with your team, and working towards a common goal with the Reign Fitness Family!”

Nutrition Protocol


For this challenge, we wanted to choose a nutrition protocol that was easy to follow and promoted taking the time to eat real nutrient dense food.


We decided to go with the Paleo Nutrition Protocol.

Not only does the Paleo Nutrition Protocol promote eating real food it also has a big emphasis on eliminating the crap and things your body may have a negative response to.

You know…

Things like sugar, processed foods, certain grains, and dairy.

Why Eliminate? 

The 2 main factors why we like the eliminating aspect in the Paleo Protocol…

  • Removing things like sugar and processed foods in your diet can quickly help eliminate a lot of excess calories in your diet. Getting rid of unnecessary calories in your diet can help you lose weight quickly!
  • Removing certain types of foods like grains and dairy can be a little controversial as they should not be perceived as “bad food” however, many of us (myself included) can have a negative response to these types of food such as inflammation, bloating, and digestive issues. By eliminating them for a set period of time, it can help bring these negative responses to light and can help reset your body.

The Paleo Nutrition Protocol is still by far the most successful system we have used in a challenge setting. It was the easiest to implement, most manageable over an extended period of time, and produced the most results.

Familiarize yourself with the Paleo Nutrition Protocol before the challenge here. 

We will be providing more resources for you prior to the challenge.


*If you cannot follow a Paleo Nutrition Protocol due to health reasons, please connect with a coach. This will not make or break your ability to participate in this challenge, please communicate.



Weekly Physical/Nutrition Challenges 


  • Monday of each week, we will announce either a physical challenge, nutrition challenge, or a combination of both.
  • Your team will receive 2 points for every team member that completes the challenge.
    • Any team member who does not complete the challenge or submit it on time will receive 0 points.
  • We will provide scaled movements for all of the challenges so that everyone has an equal opportunity to complete the challenges.
  • Challenges must be completed by Sunday 9pm the week of the challenge being issued. (No Exceptions)
  • Submission of challenge completion proof will be explained in the directions of the Challenge and due on your team page. (Do not submit proofs of workouts on the main challenge page.)
  • Your coach will be in charge of your submission and your team’s overall submission for issuing of points.

Ex. Proof = Submit a picture of yourself and time of completion of the workout. 


Ex. Proof = Submit a picture of your meal. 


Team Challenges 


  • Throughout the 40 days of the challenge, we will be issuing team challenges on random weeks.
  • Team Challenges are not required.
  • Completing a Team Challenge will award your team 10 points.
  • All members of the team must complete the challenge according to the specifics of the challenge.
  • Team Challenge proof submissions must be finished by Sunday 9pm the week of the challenge being issued. Team challenge proofs will also be due on your Team Facebook Page for your coach to track.

Team Standings and Points Update

Throughout the week, you will see an update of team standings and points on the main challenge page.

This is to help motivate you, your team, and your ability to work together in completing challenges.


Total Body Weight Percentage Lost 

Throughout the challenge, you and your team will be working towards a bodyweight percentage lost goal. This does not make or break your team’s ability to win but it can definitely give your team a nice cushion in points.

Your Team totals will be due by October 21st, 2016 @ 6pm. (the last of the challenge.)

Body weight percentage lost totals will determine your standings. Below are the point distribution for the standings.

  • 1st Place will receive: 100 points 
  • 2nd Place will receive: 70 points 
  • 3rd Place will receive: 40 points
  • 4th Place will receive: 10 points


How does your team win? 

At the end of the challenge, we will take…

Total Team Points (Individual Points + Team Challenge Points) + Bodyweight Percentage Standing Points = Total 

The team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins!

Soccer Team Raising Trophy
Soccer Team Raising Trophy — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

How Do You Sign Up? 

Email: Info@bereignfit.com or talk to your ReignFIT Coach and submit payment in person!

***Last Day to sign up will be September 9th, 2016***

Do you want to buy this as a gift for someone else? 

Please email info@bereignfit.com for details and information on any discounts that might be available to you as a member.


Important Dates 

September 9th – Last day to register for the challenge.

September 9th – Pre Challenge weigh in due by 6pm.

September 12th – Start of the Challenge.

October 21st – Last day of Challenge. All submissions and points need to be submitted by 6pm.

October 29th “Stronger Together | Rise As One” Challenge Results Party (We will most likely have our Annual Halloween Costume ReignFIT Class this day as well)

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