Member of The Month May - Loretta

I can’t tell you how happy and blessed I am to have Loretta as our May 2016 Reign Fitness Member of the Month.

She’s been with me since the beginning, well before Reign, and has unconditionally supported me in everything including Reign Fitness.

She truly exemplifies our community and what Reign is all about.

Thank you Loretta, We all appreciate you and what you do for our family so much!


Here is Loretta’s Interview!


Name:  Loretta Huland

Age: 60

Occupation:  Retired (Formerly IT Project Manager – The Boeing Company)


 1. How long have you been training with Albert? When did it all begin? I understand you were Albert’s very first personal training client?

I always took aerobics, step aerobics and circuit training classes, when I lived in Ohio and Colorado, even worked out when I was pregnant with Scotia.  No boot camp type classes were available in the early 80’s.

I had been working out at a Women’s gym in Renton for a couple of years that surprisingly closed down with a 2-day notice. That’s where I was introduced to boot camp classes.

Then Scotia and I participated in the Boot Camp classes at the Renton Community Center.  As well as working out at LA Fitness.

My friend asked me to join her work out (at the garage) because she was the oldest person in the class and the young girls were kicking her butt.  She quit, I stayed and Albert took me on as a client, and my life has never been the same.  That was in May of 2010.  He was soooo patient with me, and FIRM that I could get thru it.  No other classes were like the ones Albert taught…awesome!


2. Tell us a little about yourself. What’s a Day in the Life of Loretta? 

Since retiring from 35 years of service at Boeing in 2013, I don’t have to get up at zero dark thirty to go to work, however I get up at zero dark thirty to participate in the Reign Fitness Classes.

Starting my day by meditating and centering myself for a successful day.

And naming 6 impossible things, that can be possible!

A typical day can consist of going on auditions and acting gigs, I’ve done Independent films and industrial videos for the Boeing Company and others.  I’m a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

I’ve taken classes at Bastyr University to become a Certified Doula, on my way to certification!  I’m currently volunteering with Open Arms  (a non-profit organization for disadvantaged women). That’s my way of giving back to the community, to empower women in childbirth.

Mentoring in the Renton school district.  (Communities in Schools Renton).  Check it out.

Spending quality time with my kids and grandkids.  Quality time is my love language.


3. What has been your biggest accomplishments here at Reign?

Being patient while going thru the process to get where I am today — which is being STRONG and knowing I CAN DO whatever is placed in front of me.  And encouraging my family to get involved and making Reign an important part of their lifestyle.  Oh, and weigh lifting, baby.


4. Tell us your favorite memory so far at Reign. 

Pulling up to my semi-private session the first Monday Reign Fitness opened and seeing where we were in 2010 and the blessings of 2014.


5. If you were a SuperHero, which one matches best with your personality? Why? 

Superman.  Why?  Because no weapon formed against me shall prosper, but everything I do will prosper.  Not even kryptonite.  LOL!



6. What’s your motto? 

Say what you Want, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed!


7. Who is your HERO and why?

She’s going be on the twenty dollar bill.  Because faith without works is dead.  She had the faith and did the work. (Harriet Tubman)


8. What’s your favorite exercise and why? What’s your least favorite and why?

Favorite- Rowing Machine, because I’m getting good at it.

Least favorite – Burpees, because I’m getting good at it.  LOL


9. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their fitness journey? 

Take one day at a time.  Embrace the Reign coaches, they’re here to help us succeed.  And when a coach says it’s time to step it up, Just Do It!  Excuses aside. You’ll be glad you did


10. Share what it is like having your daughter Scotia train with you over the years? 

It started in the womb, and look at us 34 years later.  Now, that’s a workout partner!

When I first started boot camp classes in 2006 , and couldn’t run a lick, Scotia would get up on Saturday mornings and run with me to practice. Love you darling!


11. Favorite television show? 

GOT Game of Thrones!


12. Favorite Song to workout?

Anything Marvin Gaye energizes me.


13. Favorite Cheat Meal?

Having a glass of red wine with a meal.


14. What are your hobbies outside of Reign?


I don’t know if these are hobbies but I like:

Tending to my herb garden and flowers in the yard

Going for a long walk at the park


Doing home projects

Being involved with Toastmasters

Going to see plays

Going to the museum

Hanging out with my fabulous daughters  (Nyesha and Scotia)



15. What are your future health and fitness goals?

To continue on this path of fitness and health, no looking left or right but straight ahead on the path of wellness.



Fill In The Blank…


I Love… LIFE

I Am…    Strong

I Wish…  Blessings on the Reign family

I Eat… To sustain a healthy lifestyle


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