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Every May/June, Reign Fitness hosts a challenge to get our members fired up about being active in the summer.


This year, we are bringing you a whole new Challenge that is geared to help you step your game up.

But before we get to all the new stuff and Fitness Challenge details, I just wanted to take a second and share some of the thought process that went into designing the 2016 Summer Fitness Challenge.

The first thing we always try to do when designing a challenge, is to make sure that our challenges are still evolving and continually proving to be effective.

We take the best aspects of the last challenge, ditch the things we didn’t like so much, and then create a “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” version. A lot of our Challenges are different, so we also go back and review the best highlights of other challenges and see what makes sense, what will be a good supplement to this upcoming challenge, and take only the best.

This requires creativity, a collaboration of both fitness and nutrition mindsets, and a consistent/unwavering focus on the Reign Fitness Mission Statement.

“Help improve the quality of life of our members through fitness, nutrition, and community.” 


The biggest theme we always try to include and highlight in our summer challenges…


Why Community?

Because the Reign Community is responsible for so much of the success in any challenge and the summer is when we thrive the most. (Well the community thrives year round, the summer is when we get rowdy!)


Our community is truly the heartbeat of our gym and it’s always great to see it in action then celebrate it together at the end.


Making Fitness and an Active Lifestyle the focus! 

The next big theme for this challenge was to make working out, training, and an active lifestyle the focus point rather than just the weight loss and just the results.

Too often, challenges make people crazy about only the results.

And when you get caught up in only the results, it’s very easy to overlook all the hard work you put in and the amount of progress you made.


We took away measurements and made before and after weigh-ins optional.

Yes, this does mean that our top 3 winners will not be judged on their photos, numbers, or measurements and instead will be judged on a whole different list of parameters.

However, it will give you a better opportunity to see all the other awesome achievements you make throughout the challenge.

This challenge, we want you to really fall in love with the process and have fun.

“We want you to find your own motivation, discover accountability, lean on the community, have multiple breakthroughs in your fitness, and again… have fun doing it.”

Why fun?

Because the 30 days are designed to challenge you. This is a challenge after all. And when things get difficult and your being pushed outside your comfort zone, if you’re not having fun and enjoying the process…

It’s really easy to get discouraged and want to give up. And we’re not gonna let that happen

So fun is the key.


Who is this Challenge For? 

This challenge is for YOU!

No really, this challenge is for anyone and everyone looking for a challenge and extra push before the summer.

Their will be options to scale all movements so that everyone can train at their own individual fit levels.

Please remember that all of our members enroll into challenges for different reasons and motivations. Check some out below.

Reign Fam enroll into challenges to… 

  • Lose weight.
  • Prove to themselves that they can work hard for 30 days.
  • For extra accountability.
  • Connect more with our Reign Fit Family.
  • Gain Lean Muscle.
  • Kick start their nutrition.
  • Lose inches.
  • Help encourage a friend.
  • For extra motivation.
  • Get ready for SUMMER!
  • Get ready for an event.
  • Find inspiration.
  • Lead their family towards a healthier life.
  • Be able to play with their kids all summer long without getting tired.
  • Get in shape for summer sports.

How Does The Challenge Work? 

Once you sign up for the Reign Fitness 2016 Summer Challenge, you will be automatically given access to the Private Group Facebook Page.

The 2016 Summer Facebook Page is the central hub for almost everything in the challenge.

  • We will announce updates, announcements, and anything important on the page.
  • You will find motivational posts, pictures, and messages on the page.
  • We will announce challenges on the page. (they will also be posted online on the Reign Fitness website with a special link)
  • The Facebook page is also where you will see the most community interaction from all the challengers.
  • This is also a safe place for you to post, comment, motivate, encourage, ask questions, find answers, and draw strength from.

You will also receive a link to download the Manual. The manual will include further materials to help you make the most of your challenge including Nutrition basics, Additional Workouts, and other resources.

Every week you will receive a challenge with specific instructions on how to complete it, how to provide proof of completion, and deadlines.


The rest of the challenge is a unique collaboration of meal prepping, healthier eating, high energy, ReignFIT classes, working out with friends, sweating, and all of the above for 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days, we celebrate everyone’s amazing hard work and accomplishments together as one big ReignFIT family.


Whats New? 

  • The biggest change is their will be no Nutrition Protocol. We will give a general recommendation on how you can step your Nutrition Game up to supplement your increased training but it is not required.
  • We are offering a BRAND NEW Significant other Member Rate. We’ve had so much feedback from our members on how they would love for their significant other to join them at Reign, well we listened and now here’s your chance. We will be offering all the benefits of the challenge to Significant Others at our Member Rate. *A significant other can be a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, etc.
  • There will be a huge emphasis on mobility and recovery. As you know, when you increase training, workouts, and general activity… It’s a lot more common to experience soreness, difficulty recovering, and stiffness. All of these things need to be addressed and by incorporating a Mobility/Stretching protocol, we will not only be making it a required aspect of this challenge, we will be helping you stay accountable with this often forgotten aspect of working out.
  • There will be no measurements, only an optional weigh in. Too much emphasis on numbers can drive people crazy so we decided to ditch it. We want you to focus on the process, enjoying your training, and fall back in love with your active lifestyle. (The weigh in is highly recommended and if you’re taking this challenge seriously I know you will)
  • Lastly, we will have a Grand Finale Workout Challenge in which we will do a Reign Fitness Hero Workout. This Hero Workout is dedicated to one of our founding members Mayra Sanchez who passed away on Valentines Day 2016 after her fight with cancer. The workout will be called “Mayra” and it will honor her fight and celebrate her life. Yes, the last challenge workout will be difficult and push you in many ways. But remember that a Hero Workout is designed for you to draw strength from the person it honors and think of their fight and how strong they were. This is truly an honor to program this into our challenge and I know everyone who participates will find it an honor to be a part of. This workout will be announced in the final week of the challenge. (We miss you a lot Mayra.)




The 2016 Reign Fitness Summer Challenge Details


Starts: May 16, 2016

Ends: June 14, 2016

Duration: 30 Days

Member Entry Fee: $50

Member Significant Other Fee: $50

Non-Member Fee: $199 + Tax

What’s Included: 

  • Access to Private Reign Fitness 2016 Summer Fitness Challenge Facebook Group.
  • Unlimited Access to ReignFIT Classes.
  • Unlimited Access to Reign Barbell Classes.
  • Summer Fitness Manual

Winners Will Be Judged On: 

  • Attendance
  • Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Challenges Completed
  • Online Group Participation
  • Personal Growth and Transformation
  • Member Votes

How Do You Enroll Into The Challenge? 

This is the easiest part!

Email and say Hi, I want to be in the 2016 Reign Fitness Summer Challenge.

We will take care of the rest!


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